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Friday, March 04, 2011

The Cancellation of RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show

This is not a good news. I know not only the designers themselves, but a lot of fans and supporters, including those people who already bought tickets for the event are feeling really bad about this. The RISQ  Grand Summer Fashion Show was originally scheduled today, March 4, 2011, at the World Trade Center. However, due to "lack of funds" as per Indios Bravos Multimedia, this event will no longer push through.

What a mess! I was supposed to watch this show if not because a another event that I already engaged myself with. Anway, shame on Indios Bravos Multimedia. I think they have some explaining to do. Not to mention, pay all the people involved at this show for the damages it caused them.


  1. Sayang naman. They could have foreseen this coming if thay had a good planner or a planner who has a keen eye on things. Marami pa naman ang naka-abang, I mean personally I was looking forward to this event too just to get a glimpse of what's in for summer. =(

  2. Aww.. bat naman nangyari nun. Ang laki nga ng damage ng na cause nila sa mga tao lalo na yung bumili na ng tickets...

  3. ooh, that's really bad. Hope they will find a way to settle that.

  4. my gas, feeling ko lang hindi na maiirerefund mga tickets. Some organizers talaga are just irresponsible. Parang nung nagconcert si Sarah G dito, di naman dumating pero di man lang ininform mga fellow pinoys.

  5. kawawa naman ang mga nkaabang at bumili ng ticket. sana may refund

  6. sad turn of events! very unfortunate para sa mga young designer participants at sa bumili ng tickets.

  7. did they pursue it or somehting in other day? ...

    nweis i wanna ask you a favor..can you sponsor on my upcoming giveaway?


  8. @momi jes: i will check it sis and see what i can share to your readers.. hihi!


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