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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Valentine Wish?

If I will be shopping for a bag with enough budget to pay, I think I will definitely go for that basic looking tote or purse. One can never go wrong in choosing a classic design, right? Trends come and go, but great design never goes out of style, they say.

Coach signature demi flap bag $168

Coach sutton signature flap bag $168

This year, I wish to have a classic bag like these ones. Or maybe, hubby could buy it for me cos he promised to get me a decent bag this year. The things is, we already agreed to celebrate Valentine out of the country. Then I guess, I'll just have to ask for this bag as an advanced birthday gift instead. Hmmm. Wish a wish.. wish.. wish.. wish.. wish!


  1. I want one too, but a much bigger than this. Maybe a tote because I have lots of things with me all the time. :)

  2. Wow, where are you and your hubby heading off to for V day? I would like to get a bag as well ( a girl can never seem to have enough bags :P), but I'm not pushing it. :)

  3. aw i thought it is a PESO LOL dolyares pla :))


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