Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Valentine Giveaway

It is already February. Time to post my Valentine Giveaway. This month, I am giving away a Beautilicious LOVE gift pack. The packaging says, "It's time to love yourselves ladies..." which is very much the same to the message that I want to give you in line with this giveaway.

Yes, it is about time to pamper yourselves this love month. Whether you are single or taken, you still need to maintain that beauty. This gift pack contains a body cream, shower cream and hand soap. Just perfect if you want to look good and feel good this season of love.

Hosting a giveaway is my way of saying thank you to my readers and followers, so enter to win this gift pack now!

All you need to do is publicly follow this blog ( in case you are not a follower yet), then drop a comment by answering the following question together with your email address.

How will you celebrate the Valentine's Day this year?

Take note, follow and drop a comment only. Your comment should contain an answer to my question and your email address only. No links or urls, okay?

This contest is open to everyone for as long you have a friend or relative in the Philippines to whom I can send this pack. Just in case you'll win.

Deadline to enter is February 25, 2011. The winner will be chosen and announced the same day. Joining starts NOW so good luck ladies! :)


Thanks for joining ladies. Join again next time.


  1. How will you celebrate the Valentine's Day this year?

    I will celebrate Valentines by going out with my friends and buy the limited edition chocolates that some companies only release on valentines day.

    I've already mailed my Valentine cards for my friends at the start of the week. Maybe next year I can include a cute teddy as well.

    Anyway, followed as Princess Yingying.

    The email I use is mainly yahoo.

  2. I will be cooking for me and my husband on V-Day. I never liked being with a huge crowd on special occasions so we'll be celebrating at home. We're treating ourselves to a luxurious home spa and massage. Everything's ready, we're just waiting for the day! Haha.

    Followed you via GFC.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :))

  3. I want to celebrate my valentines day with my boyfriend this year, by going to tagaytay, We bought planned it, I think this year will be our best valentines day ever. I also want to pamper my self so on that day and I will smell sooo good and sweet. ahihihi'''


    Take care & god bless sweety

  4. Knowing that all the good restaurants and hotels will be fully booked come Valentine's Day, me, hubby and our baby will most probably stay home to celebrate our first Valentine's Day as a family. We'll just do play time with our son and enjoy the whole day with what and who matters the most sans the stereotyped Valentine celebration. It's like Valentine's day every day of the year anyway if you get to spend each day with the people who matter to you the most. =)

    sm_yboa at yahoo dot com

  5. Because we already have 2 kids, no one will look for them so we just celebrate it in a very simple way. I will just have to cook a special dish for our dinner and a romantic date inside the house when the kids are sleeping. hihih!! A simple yet romantic valentine's date ^-^

  6. Followed via GFC with username "Mommy Rubz"

    Gonna spend Valentines Day with my kids. We probably go out and eat a special dinner. Not the usual mall type of eating but probably in a restaurant we haven't been too. ^_^


  7. How will I celebrate Valentine's Day this year ?

    Since our kids love going to a nearby mall, we'll most probably have lunch and watch a movie.

    --followed ur blog. (username: winchester)


  8. My ultimate wish is to spend it at H20 Hotel at Manila Ocean Park with our 3 kids, stay one night. I am sure my kids will rock!! Otherwise, we will probably go out for dinner outside.. :)


  9. I hardly celebrate valentines for the past four years because my hubby isn't here, so I guest same everyday routine but hoping for a nice chat to my hubby if he is available(hoping)

  10. Hubby and I are thinking of making a reservation at the nearby restaurant,or maybe at the Holiday Inn, but we are not sure if we will celebrate it on exact date, we might do our "date" in advance to accomodate our work schedule.



  11. I followed you already :D

    I will celebrate valentine's day with my kids (since hubby is not with us) by sending them and then fetch to school in the morning and then maybe bring them to mall and watch movie together just like what their daddy and me doing most of the valentine's day we had :D

    hope to win!! email me here in case -->>

  12. Since my husband is not with us ( he's working abroad) I will celebrate Valentine's with my kids. First we will online chat daddy, greet him and show him how much we love him. And then we will go to mall and watch movie, taking pictures so that daddy will saw it and eat on our favorite restaurant.

  13. i will celebrate my valentine's day this year by doing my childminding duties, of course, and probably we can go out in the afternoon for a stroll or a walk, which my son is totally loving now:)
    goodluck to all the participants and happy valentine's day, mommy jingke!

  14. Valentine's day falls on a Monday. During Monday's, hubby drives me to work so maybe, we could leave our home earlier and have a breakfast date somewhere. Our shifts do not match so breakfast is our only choice. Or perhaps, we could celebrate prior.

    frances dot nicole at ymail dot com

  15. How will you celebrate the Valentine's Day this year?

    i have already bought a v-day card for the bf (and it was the biggest card) i'll let her mom , sisters, nephews and nieces to write v-day messages on it.. yes including my sisters ^_^ (and it should be a surprise) i dont want to go out since.. im very sure there would be a heavy traffic outside so a great movie marathon and food trip ^_^ (is it a good idea to buy him flowers??? lolz) last year he give my mom a bouquet.. so im buying one for his mom ^_^

    btw i followed via GFC: rhaindropz
    and my email address:

    keep on posting and thank you for having this giveaway ^_^

    hugs and kisses

  16. How will I celebrate Valentine's Day this year?

    Well, hubby and I are planning to have a family group date together with my brother in law and his wife. Were gonna treat them for a dinner at our favorite restaurant. With our little princess of course.. ^_^

    Followed you in GFC as Kayce
    email: kayeshayne21(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Thanks so much sis!

  17. Since me and my boyfie have work on Valentines day, this is not an excuse for me not to celebrate it. Valentines is not just for lovers but it's for everyone to share their love to their friends and colleagues. Since I will be working at that time, I will surely be spending it with my friends by dining out with them during lunch break and cheesy love notes in their stations by spreading the love. Of course, after shift, me and boyfie will spend quality time together at our very own home sweet home. =)

  18. How will I celebrate Valentine's Day this year?

    since every V-day my bf always have something for me, This year it;s my turn (for a change) I am planning a surprise for him and I can say I am almost ready

    -already ordered a heart-shaped chocolate cake and a dozen of red roses to be delivered to bf's office on V-day (no card-this is a surprise)

    -asked my manager if I can change shift so I can go home early to cook his favorite food for our V-day dinner. I also bought Red wine and candles to be use in our candle-light dinner (we will have a dinner in our rooftop where we can see the night sky ^_^

    -bought him a teddy bear, chocolates and his favorite perfume as my gift ^_^

    -I also asked everyone in our house to be an accomplice, my sister will call him an hour before this office hour end and ask him to pick-up something in our house (his house is just 2 houses away from ours) ^_^

    followed you in GFC as choco chelle

  19. We have no plans yet for valentines but we usually celebrate it at home, just a special dinner with hubby and peachy. Even though i wanted to receive gifts but at this time siguro wala talaga. ha ha ha. (were on a very tight budget considering we need to pay first the house amortization)


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  21. How will you celebrate the Valentine's Day this year?

    I will make a cute bento box for him and will treat him for a whole body massage at a spa. After the spa, we will spend the rest of the day at home, doing DVD marathon of his favorite hero, Mask Rider Black.


  22. For this year, I will be celebrating Valentine's Day, of course with my husband and kid. Since the V-day will be falling on a Monday w/c is a regular weekday, I will just be cooking lasagna and tempura (as per their request)for dinner. Then I will be giving my gift to my hubby w/c was prepared a month ago (lol!). And then on the weekend after v-day we are set to go out with our couple friends for a post-valentine celebration.
    Spending the love-day twice, with my husband & son, then with our good friends, makes the occasion more meaningful because it's always a happy feeling to celebrate Valentine with people closest to my heart.


  23. Hi!

    I'm not quite sure but we'll probably go on a date with our three lovely angels. As always, the back up plan is to prepare our fave treats for dinner - in a special and romantic way. On top of that, I'll also give him my surprise gift which I hope he'll love.

    Followed using Joy

  24. It's a Monday...and just like any other Mondays, I'll be waking up early to prepare hubby for work and when he comes back, I'll prepare his dinner, then we talk, watch movies (internet), play with kids, exchange ideas...because every day is heart's day. :)


  25. I am your follower since last year.

    Since Valentine's Day will fall on Monday, hubby will be in the office and RJ will be in school, we will have a pre-Valentine's celebration. We will go to Circle on the 13th for a picnic, badminton and great bonding the whole day.


  26. My bf and i will be celebrating the valentines 2 days earlier, feb 12. its weekend and its our only available day to date! im still in school and graduating college this summer, (crossing fingers) as much as i can i do not want to miss classes and i avoid going out on school nights. Studies must come first :)

    EMAIL :
    on our valentines date, we will have the usual and the simple date - Mall, dine out, and check to see if there are nice movies! The usual estudyante date lang po! Haha! But, the important the is, the time spent, not how much you spent :)

    Advance Happy Valentines po!


  27. How will you celebrate the Valentine's Day this year?

    I will be celebrating Valentines Day with my family since that will be the very first time we are together on that day.


  28. Since hubby is away! I'm gonna celebrate V-Day with my sis, cousin and daughter!!


  29. I love my Family that's why I'm going to celebrate V-day with them. I'll cook special dishes that I have learned for the past months, and will have a great bonding moments together at home.


  30. How will you celebrate the Valentine's Day this year?

    For this year, I plan to spend time with my boyfriend because the past few weeks had been very rough for our relationship. I am trying to make easy gift sweets, most probably nutella(his fave)-dipped fruits. I want to eat it with him while spending time talking and fixing things at some memorable place for both of us.

    My email address is

    Thanks for this giveaway! It made me really imagine what kind of V-day I want this year :)

  31. Already a follower of your blog. (MALOU)

    My Valentine's Day started out like any other day because my honey and I had to work (we both have homebased jobs). In the afternoon when I've finished all the things I had to do I made a Refrigerated Mango Cake and Spaghetti Alfredo which are his favorites. I was quite surprised when he gave me a bouquet of roses because he knows that I'm not really into flowers. But nevertheless, it was a sweet and welcome surprise. We ate dinner and talked our hearts out. It was a really amazing Valentine's day.


  32. I celebrated with my wife and daughter over a hefty lunch which I prepared. We did a movie marathon as well with popcorn that my kid and I popped in the kitchen.


  33. we celebrated Valentine's Day at home since it's a working day.

    nevertheless, it was a sumptous feast of home-grown cooking

    emiliana.sison AT

  34. Followed you sis!

    Since I was sick (had chickenpox), I was not able to celebrate Valentine's day the usual way. My bf brought me a roll of cake and we ate our heart out while watching TV at home. It was one of those couch potato mode. But one of the best! :-)

    email address:

  35. I celebrated Valentines Day this year together with my family, especially my little sister. I may not have a special someone this year but I am definitely surrounded by people who loves me and I love too :)

  36. Since I was not with my hubby during Vday, I spent Vday with my cousins. We dine in a famous resto here in our place, visited Starbucks, and even played billiards + konting inuman in a nearby bar. Hihi. I had so much fun with them. :)

    Name: Dhadha
    Email: iheartcontest[at]gmail[dot]com

  37. ito pa yun ahhahah d ko n maalala ;))


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