Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Touched by Belo

In the recent Parentin.TV event, Crystal Henares, daughter of Dra. Vicki Belo, made a short introduction of the Belo Essentials. Being one of the key people behind the name Belo Medical Group, she did not just endorse their products, but she even shared some helpful beauty tips and tricks from her mom.

She announced that Belo Essentials are now available not only for women, but for men too. Since studies shows that men's skin is thicker and oilier, they were able to come up with products that will work well with them.

Here, together with Rosell Velasco-Taberna, wife of ABS-CBN's Athony Taberna, talking about the importance of wearing a sunscreen which her mom believes to be the best anti-aging product. Another tip she shared is not to wash the face too much. Washing only two times a day makes the face retain its natural oil that gives just enough moisture.

Miss Crystal Henares chatting with Madam Christine Bersola-Babao, creator and host of Parentin.TV, before her turn to take the stage. I love how she accessorized for that simple green dress. The gold belt and shoes made her outfit look very expensive.

Pink MagaLine and Crystal Henares. Look how dark I look beside her. Plus, I did not wear make up that day so my face was dead. Lesson learned, prepare early for events esp. if you have to go with your kid. Allow enough time for shower, dressing and make up. Hihi.


  1. Thanks for the tips Mrs.K! On your last photo, Crystal looks so much like her mom.

  2. and i love your outfit too that day!

  3. Tin Babao looked like Heart E. in that picture. I thought it was her until I read the text :) Belo's daughter must be high maintenance when it comes to looking beautiful.

  4. You go girl, I see you doing some reporting! Great job!

  5. wow, i learn something here..twice a day lang pala dapat mgwash ng face. thanks for sharing this with us

  6. I agree na meron na belo for men. Actually my hubby joined the contest of belo men in facebook. :D

    I like the belo soap kasi hiyang ako e xD

  7. sayang i was not able to take a pic dito with belo ah :D


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