Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: Hot Oil Cream

I have been using this product for a while now. In fact, this is my third bottle already. Remember that I also tried Hair Treats Hair Spa and even made a review on it the last year? I have to say that this one has a more impressive result, though. Planningt to share a review on this later.

Sale Find: Erth Origins Strawberry Hot Oil Cream
Regular Price: P139.75
Sale Price: P99
Sale From: Watsons


  1. just what i need sis, hair treatment. ive been trying to find one that will do wonders (as in, super dry na hair ko) to my hair. baby oil, VCO and olive oil super oily naman, init na panahon :( sa beauty parlor kasi, not worth it.

    thanks for the info sis and will definitely grab a bottle next time madaan sa watsons =)

  2. gumagamit din ako nito dati... pero walang effect sa akin yung nabili ko... might try this one though... (looks yummy LOL)

  3. kala ko talaga face cream... ako gamit ng vitress, daming dundruff sa ulo.... buti pa creamsilk nalang....

  4. sa a makabili dn ako nyan dito ahahhaha ng ma treat nmn ang sarili :D miss ko n ang mruang hair treatment sa pinas :))


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