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Pinay in Pink February 2011: Emalyn Tabilisima

I finally get the chance to feature a friend from my old job. She used to be my team leader while I was working as an online English teacher for a Korean company. TL Hannah as I call her, is one of the most courageous and hard working woman I know. Not to mention, she is kind-hearted and beautiful on the outside too!

Name: Emalyn Viernes Tabilisima
Nickname: Emma at home and Hannah at work)
Hometown: Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley
Age: 30
Occupation: Teaching
Language Spoken: Ilokano, Tagalog, English
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 48 kgs

PML: What's your ordinary day like?
Emalyn: My ordinary day is when I am able to work at least 8 hours a day and laugh with my students, friends, family and colleagues.

PML: How do you pamper and prettify yourself?
Emalyn: I visit F Salon for my hair once or twice a year; depending on its necessity. Hahaha. Visit Let's face it or Facial first for my facial, threading and foot spa anytime I feel like doing it. Once a year body scrub in Forever Flawless. Monthly whole body massage and waxing. Occasional shopping for clothes and footwear and sometimes, night out with family or friends.

PML: Tell us about your childhood dream. What do you do to achieve it?
Emalyn: My childhood dream was to have a better life (better than our life before). My mom was an OFW. She worked in Singapore as a domestic helper when my eldest brother was finishing his college. My dad is a farmer. I dreamed of being able to help my family. I dreamed that five of us, my brothers, my sister and I, would be able to finish college even my mom stopped working abroad.

I had to stop college for two years to give way to my brothers, then work for an American missionary family as Ilokano language tutor and tour guide. After two years, I continued my studies with the full support of this American Missionary family. I studied very hard so I became an Academic Scholar in my University. I didn't pay my full tuition fee or half of it. The money from the missionary family wasn't used for my own studies, but I used it for my younger siblings'.

While studying, I also worked part time at churches in Tuguegarao, Isabela and Cagayan Valley as a Sunday school teacher, instructor and director. That's how I made my dream come true. I finished my college and my younger siblings are now finished, too.

Praise God! Without Him in my life, I am not who I am now. He made me a very strong woman to be able to overcome problems that come my way. He is my Strength and my Refuge. Thank you Lord for blessing me more in my life.

Clockwise: Emma in an LRT station, hanging out with her sister and going to watch a movie..

PML: If you were to spend a weekend in Boracay, who would you like to spend it with? Why?
Emalyn: If I were to spend a weekend in Boracay, I would like to spend it with the American Family (who considered me as their own daughter) together with my love ones, my whole family. This would be my chance to say thank you to this American Missionary family and to present to them the fruits of their goodness. That fruit is my family. I would consider it as our family reunion.

PML: Which one is more important to you, career, family or lovelife? Why?
Emalyn: They are all very important to me. I love my family very much and I love myself very much too. God used me to love my family. He used me by giving me my job to be able to help my family and myself more. I then, treasure all of these.

PML: Any sort of advice to those who find it hard to juggle work, studies and relationship at the same time?
Emalyn: Well, knowing your priorities in life is very important. In my case, of course, I have many things in mind that I need and want to have and do. I work hard everyday. Believe it or not, around 16 to 18 hours a day including my full time and part time job. I study on Saturdays at Philippine Normal University from 7 AM to 5 PM. My Saturday evening and whole Sunday are spent with my family and/or friends or for my rest day. We go to church on Sundays together then I sometimes meet my friends after. Working for many hours and studying hard is very exhausting but I never miss the chance of spending time with my love ones. I consider my jobs as my hobbies and the time spent with my family or friends is my leisure time. At the end of the day, I always feel satisfied.

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  1. I really love this segment of your blog Mrs.K, it's an area where outstanding, successful, happy and empowered women can share a little more about themselves. It's inspiring :)

  2. I know there are more empowered women out there who can inspire us, too. Hi ladies, please share your views and experiences to inspire all of us. Thanks PML Jingke for this segment of your blog. You are doing great!

  3. nice! kelan mo ko i feature sa blog mo? :D


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