Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Met Lady Gaga in Hong Kong!

I did not see Lady Gaga when she went to the Philippines for her concert in 2009, so I was very happy when I finally met her in Hong Kong. Yeah.. not in flesh though, but in wax! Hahaha.

After looking around at The Peak last Thursday, we also visited Madame Tussauds. There were lots of iconic people there including Lady Gaga herself. Look, I looked almost as tall as her after wearing the silver spiky hat.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winner of My Valentine Giveaway

Hello ladies! I am sorry that I am a day late to announce the winner of my Valentine Giveaway. Blame it to my ambush trip to Hongkong which gave me headache for a couple of days. Thank you all so much who joined my last month's contest. Hope you all join again next month.

I used in choosing the winner. I got 35 valid entries and without further ado, the winner is... Jared's Mum! Congratulations dear! I will email you soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Touched by Belo

In the recent Parentin.TV event, Crystal Henares, daughter of Dra. Vicki Belo, made a short introduction of the Belo Essentials. Being one of the key people behind the name Belo Medical Group, she did not just endorse their products, but she even shared some helpful beauty tips and tricks from her mom.

She announced that Belo Essentials are now available not only for women, but for men too. Since studies shows that men's skin is thicker and oilier, they were able to come up with products that will work well with them.

Here, together with Rosell Velasco-Taberna, wife of ABS-CBN's Athony Taberna, talking about the importance of wearing a sunscreen which her mom believes to be the best anti-aging product. Another tip she shared is not to wash the face too much. Washing only two times a day makes the face retain its natural oil that gives just enough moisture.

Miss Crystal Henares chatting with Madam Christine Bersola-Babao, creator and host of Parentin.TV, before her turn to take the stage. I love how she accessorized for that simple green dress. The gold belt and shoes made her outfit look very expensive.

Pink MagaLine and Crystal Henares. Look how dark I look beside her. Plus, I did not wear make up that day so my face was dead. Lesson learned, prepare early for events esp. if you have to go with your kid. Allow enough time for shower, dressing and make up. Hihi.

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Wear a Floral Skirt

Hello ladies! I just came back from Newport Cinemas in Resort's World Manila for AXN's launching of Blue Bloods (will make a separate post for that). I know it is luxe place and lots of fab people go there that's why I did my best to prettify myself.


-pink cardigan from Surplus SM Makati
-black tank top, suede booties, owl necklace and earrings from Forever 21
-bag from Robinsons
-tights from SM Dept. store
-Guess watch
-DIY pink floral skirt

So, what do you think?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Keeping The Love Burning

My husband and I are married for almost two years now, though we've been together for almost 6 years already. As a couple, we have misunderstandings and shortcomings like others do. Yes, we are not perfect. We sometimes fight over stupid things, but we usually kiss and make up in the end.

Last Sunday, I attended Miss Christine Bersola-Babao's Parentin.TV event titled I Love My Family. One of the speakers, Maribel Dionisio of Love Institute Philippines, made me realize that there are things that I haven't done yet as a wife and partner. She talked about the emotional needs of men and women, based from Willard F. Harley, Jr's book His Needs and Her Needs.


1. Attractive Spouse. Know what makes him turned on about your hair, clothes, make-up and even night wear. Keep the sweet fragrance and attractive look all day and at nighttime too.

2. Recreational Companionship. Be pleasant and available companion during his office parties, social events or recreational interests whether basketball or mere jogging. Have a weekly couple date an an annual couple vacation.

3. Admiration. This includes letting him know how you admire hims as your spouse and appreciation for his efforts to support the family financially and emotionally. He needs you to be proud of him.

4. Domestic Support. Men want to go home to a loving home with peace and quiet. Reading the day's newspaper or watching TV may help him, then serving him a tasty dinner.

5. Sexual Fulfillment. Physical intimacies include kissing and caressing. It is not just the twice a week suggested sexual intimacies as studies show.


1. Family Commitment. Scheduling sufficient time and energy for the moral and educational development of your children, reading to them, playing with them, taking them on frequent outings; educating self in appropriate child training methods and having a mutually agreed parenting style.

2. Financial Stability. Provision of the financial resources to house, feed, and clothe your family at a standard of living acceptable to you, but avoiding travel and working hours that are unacceptable to you and will reduce family time.

3. Affection. Showing love through words, cards, gifts, hugs, kisses and courtesies; creating an environment that clearly and repeatedly expresses love.

4. Conversation. Talking about events of the day, feeling and plans; avoiding angry or judgmental statements or dwelling on past mistakes; showing interests in your favorite topic of conversation.

5. Honesty and Openness. Revealing positive and negative feelings, narrating events of the past, daily events and schedules, plans for the future; not leaving with a false impression , answering your questions truthfully.

Lesson Learned from Miss Maribel Dionisio's Talk:

-For a happier relationship, couples should able to support each other's emotional needs as to keep the love burning.

-Men and women have different emotional needs and none of these needs are identical.

Well, at least I know what are the things to prioritize in response to my husband's need. I just have to first focus on the areas that I need more improvement. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Valentine Necklace

It is the Valentine's Day!. Aside from wearing red, I guess the best thing to do is wear any accessory with the symbol of love on it. This heart necklace is one of my latest finds from Forever 21. What can I do? Even I swore to limit my Forever 21 shopping, I just can't resist it because they have lots of fab items.

I bought this necklace with a huge heart pendant for.. arghh, I can't remember the exact price. It was over P300 I know. I wore this necklace for a couple of times already and I say it's best to match with a plain tee and a printed bottom.

For those who don't have a Valentine gift yet, hunt for a jewelry with the heart symbol now. Bet it fancy or gold, the important thing is how much you care for and love that person.

Enjoy the rest of the love month. Muah!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Valentine Wish?

If I will be shopping for a bag with enough budget to pay, I think I will definitely go for that basic looking tote or purse. One can never go wrong in choosing a classic design, right? Trends come and go, but great design never goes out of style, they say.

Coach signature demi flap bag $168

Coach sutton signature flap bag $168

This year, I wish to have a classic bag like these ones. Or maybe, hubby could buy it for me cos he promised to get me a decent bag this year. The things is, we already agreed to celebrate Valentine out of the country. Then I guess, I'll just have to ask for this bag as an advanced birthday gift instead. Hmmm. Wish a wish.. wish.. wish.. wish.. wish!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Valentine Giveaway

It is already February. Time to post my Valentine Giveaway. This month, I am giving away a Beautilicious LOVE gift pack. The packaging says, "It's time to love yourselves ladies..." which is very much the same to the message that I want to give you in line with this giveaway.

Yes, it is about time to pamper yourselves this love month. Whether you are single or taken, you still need to maintain that beauty. This gift pack contains a body cream, shower cream and hand soap. Just perfect if you want to look good and feel good this season of love.

Hosting a giveaway is my way of saying thank you to my readers and followers, so enter to win this gift pack now!

All you need to do is publicly follow this blog ( in case you are not a follower yet), then drop a comment by answering the following question together with your email address.

How will you celebrate the Valentine's Day this year?

Take note, follow and drop a comment only. Your comment should contain an answer to my question and your email address only. No links or urls, okay?

This contest is open to everyone for as long you have a friend or relative in the Philippines to whom I can send this pack. Just in case you'll win.

Deadline to enter is February 25, 2011. The winner will be chosen and announced the same day. Joining starts NOW so good luck ladies! :)


Thanks for joining ladies. Join again next time.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pinay in Pink February 2011: Emalyn Tabilisima

I finally get the chance to feature a friend from my old job. She used to be my team leader while I was working as an online English teacher for a Korean company. TL Hannah as I call her, is one of the most courageous and hard working woman I know. Not to mention, she is kind-hearted and beautiful on the outside too!

Name: Emalyn Viernes Tabilisima
Nickname: Emma at home and Hannah at work)
Hometown: Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley
Age: 30
Occupation: Teaching
Language Spoken: Ilokano, Tagalog, English
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 48 kgs

PML: What's your ordinary day like?
Emalyn: My ordinary day is when I am able to work at least 8 hours a day and laugh with my students, friends, family and colleagues.

PML: How do you pamper and prettify yourself?
Emalyn: I visit F Salon for my hair once or twice a year; depending on its necessity. Hahaha. Visit Let's face it or Facial first for my facial, threading and foot spa anytime I feel like doing it. Once a year body scrub in Forever Flawless. Monthly whole body massage and waxing. Occasional shopping for clothes and footwear and sometimes, night out with family or friends.

PML: Tell us about your childhood dream. What do you do to achieve it?
Emalyn: My childhood dream was to have a better life (better than our life before). My mom was an OFW. She worked in Singapore as a domestic helper when my eldest brother was finishing his college. My dad is a farmer. I dreamed of being able to help my family. I dreamed that five of us, my brothers, my sister and I, would be able to finish college even my mom stopped working abroad.

I had to stop college for two years to give way to my brothers, then work for an American missionary family as Ilokano language tutor and tour guide. After two years, I continued my studies with the full support of this American Missionary family. I studied very hard so I became an Academic Scholar in my University. I didn't pay my full tuition fee or half of it. The money from the missionary family wasn't used for my own studies, but I used it for my younger siblings'.

While studying, I also worked part time at churches in Tuguegarao, Isabela and Cagayan Valley as a Sunday school teacher, instructor and director. That's how I made my dream come true. I finished my college and my younger siblings are now finished, too.

Praise God! Without Him in my life, I am not who I am now. He made me a very strong woman to be able to overcome problems that come my way. He is my Strength and my Refuge. Thank you Lord for blessing me more in my life.

Clockwise: Emma in an LRT station, hanging out with her sister and going to watch a movie..

PML: If you were to spend a weekend in Boracay, who would you like to spend it with? Why?
Emalyn: If I were to spend a weekend in Boracay, I would like to spend it with the American Family (who considered me as their own daughter) together with my love ones, my whole family. This would be my chance to say thank you to this American Missionary family and to present to them the fruits of their goodness. That fruit is my family. I would consider it as our family reunion.

PML: Which one is more important to you, career, family or lovelife? Why?
Emalyn: They are all very important to me. I love my family very much and I love myself very much too. God used me to love my family. He used me by giving me my job to be able to help my family and myself more. I then, treasure all of these.

PML: Any sort of advice to those who find it hard to juggle work, studies and relationship at the same time?
Emalyn: Well, knowing your priorities in life is very important. In my case, of course, I have many things in mind that I need and want to have and do. I work hard everyday. Believe it or not, around 16 to 18 hours a day including my full time and part time job. I study on Saturdays at Philippine Normal University from 7 AM to 5 PM. My Saturday evening and whole Sunday are spent with my family and/or friends or for my rest day. We go to church on Sundays together then I sometimes meet my friends after. Working for many hours and studying hard is very exhausting but I never miss the chance of spending time with my love ones. I consider my jobs as my hobbies and the time spent with my family or friends is my leisure time. At the end of the day, I always feel satisfied.

If you think you know someone who deserves to be featured as Pink MagaLine's Pinay in Pink of the month, email me at MRSKOLCA@GMAIL.COM together with the name, contact details and basic profile of the person you are referring. I'm sure a lot of Pink MagaLine readers would want to know more Pinays like her. Cheers!