Monday, January 17, 2011

Switching Back to Nivea

If you found a really nice product that works with your skin well, whether it's cheap or not, stick with it. Every now and then, the market will introduce a new line of beauty products, but don't take a risk and experiment. You know, the oldies are always the goodies.

Last Wednesday, I went to the grocery to buy myself some Nivea products. I got Nivea Extensive Body Milk, Nivea Age Defying Hand Lotion, and Nivea Care Soap in three different scents. Too bad that the shower gel is not available and I forgot to buy the classic Nivea Cream. Grrr!

As far as I know, Nivea is one of the oldest brand out there. It came out in 1911, just a year before the sinking of the Titanic. Imagine that? Very old huh! So, I guess the Nivea company proved their customers long enough. Their product marketing is working well.

My all-time favorite Nivea product is the anti-perspirant. I buy a different variant every time. I use a Nivea lotion once in a while too. It helped me with my very dry skin. The biggest mistake I did was not being able to stick with Nivea. Other brands are cheaper, so blame it to my stingy side. This year, one of my new year's resolution is to take care of my health and well-being. That includes taking extra care of my skin, so I guess more Nivea posts to come soon.


  1. I stick in one product too. I'm scared too of trying different brand..

  2. I love Nivea products. I use their whitening deodorant, cream, milk lotion and soap. I never used other cream products. Nivea lang ang ginagamit ko for my deodorant and cream. Sobrang hiyang ako sa product na ito. =)

  3. im using nivea lotion too...minsan naman paiba iba din ako hehe...pero nivea is one of the best i used so far hihi:-)

  4. I used Nivea lotion in the past, pero I fell in love with St. Ives more, I love the yummy smell kasi, and found out that for my skin, St. Ives does a better job.

    However, I still love Nivea's lip balms. Very affordable yet it works. :)


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