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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pink Valentine Gifts From Coach

I was browsing the net for pink items when I saw these perfume, tee and bags. They are authentic items from Coach. And the best thing about these products is, they are all less than $100. Just perfect to add to your Valentine wish!

Poppy perfume spray $60

Colette signature scarf print large wristlet $98

Poppy heart tee in fuchsia $58

Julia nylon medium cosmetic case $58

Among these four items, I like the wristlet the most though I guess it will be much better if I can get a handbag. Something that is classic. With that signature design. Haha. I know hubby won't buy it because he will be spending more than "our usual Valentine" this year. Yay, I am already excited for that, so never mind the bag at the moment.


  1. Nice finds sis. I'm specially digging the cosmetic case. So girly. :)

  2. I want an original Coach bag in black and white for a classic look. :)

  3. wow!!! sarap naman nyan! okay na sakin ung bag :D


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