Thursday, January 06, 2011

Overrun Clothes and SM's Surplus Store

There is a number of bazaar stores selling "overrun" clothes these days. Not to mention, lots of individuals sell overrun clothes through networking sites like Facebook and Multiply and even classified ads. They usually offer various items from brands like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and a lot more.

A cousin of mine asked, "What are overrun clothes?" I told her, as far as I know, these companies send an order to factories. In their order says the style, color, fabric, sizes and exact number of clothes they need. Now, the factory where they sent an order to will manufacture the items, but will exceed to the exact amount ordered to them. The purpose of this is to be able to control the quality and to give products that are free from any damages or whatsoever to customers. Next, the clothes are shipped, delivered and sold among authorized stores and outlets. Now, what happens to those items left in the factory? Of course, they will be distributed and sold in a lower price and they are what we call overrun clothes!

Among SM Malls, there are stores called SURPLUS and they are said to be selling affordable authentic apparel. While in college, I was introduced to Surplus store by my brother and sister-in-law. I thought the store sells second hand clothes. Haha. I know, I was that ignorant. So later, I realized that they indeed sell authentic clothes and in a cheaper deal. The only thing is, they can only sell designs from the previous seasons. Nevertheless, I am still a fan of SM's Surplus store. That is where I buy cheap clothes from my favorite brands like Victoria's Secret and Forever 21, though they have Collezione, Banana Republic and Hollister among others.

So, where do you usually shop for nice clothes in a cheaper budget? Do you also like SM's SURPLUS store?


  1. Yes very true. I heard SM are also buying stocklots abroad and sells in the mall. :)

    I love to buy overruns clothes, you get a good brand at a lesser price.

  2. next time samo ako sau!

  3. i love SM and i also shop at Surplus :) sayang they have very few brands for kids these days

  4. i thought overruns meant items that did not pass the quality standards. it may be slightly damaged but can be unnoticed (like an inch bigger than the size indicated). anyway, i'm a fan of SM surplus too. really good finds of branded clothes at a very cheap price.

  5. Never heard of the word overrun. hehehe... Maybe I bought some.

  6. now I know what "overrun" clothes mean. LOL! Now ko lang nalaman kahit na matagal na ko bumibili ng overrun (daw) clothes. :)

  7. I used to work in the garments-export manufacturing industry (gap, banana republic)... may mga buyers na allowed to buy overstock items in bulk after 6 months or so. authentic naman kaya, I also buy overruns... and madami rin talaga great finds at SM Surplus! :)

    1. hi! would you know if i can buy overstock items as well from your previous company? thanks!

  8. i love surplus store in SM kaso pricey dn ung iba :D

  9. thanks for sharing this ate. Ngayon lam ko na san makakabili ng mura.... i love to buy cheap clothes e kasi yan lang afford ko :D


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