Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Resolution, Goals and Wishes for the New Year

It seems that everybody already posted their New Year's resolution except for me. I know I also have to list down a few goals here. I was too lazy early last year. I did not have any specific goal on beauty, fitness, self-improvement, etc. This year, it's time to make a difference.

Since I already started going to the gym last December, I decided to continue the same thing this year and do it even better. For a change, I am posting my resolution, goals and wishes for 2011, so I can keep track of my improvements easily.

the simple dress which I won from Earth's giveaway :)

My All-Around Checklist for this year:

-Work out from Monday to Friday. Lose 3 more inches off my waistline. Maintain my ideal weight.
-Less meat. Less rice. Less sugar. Less salt. Less fat. More vegetables and fish. I will also make it a habit to eat plain yogurt.
-Try detox diet once in a while.
-Moisturize, moisturize, and lastly, moisturize. Say goodbye to super dry and flaky skin!
-See the dentist for fixing and cleaning of teeth.
-Stop shopping for useless items. Save money for quality products that would last long. This includes bags, shoes, clothes, etc.
-Get myself one authentic designer bag. One is enough please.
-Hopefully, go back to school to start pursuing a master's degree again.

Hey wait! I think there's more. My memory sucks. I think I will just have to add them later.
How about you ladies? What is your number one goal this year?


  1. Haha good luck to that Ate, ako walang resolution. Wish ko lang eh pumayat ako mukhang mas mataba pa kasi ako sayo eh. Hehe,

    Tama ka mas masarap nga nilagang kamote tapos may kinayod na niyog, teheee. Kamote Q din if may asukal..^_^

  2. wow ang ganda nmn ng napanalunan mo kay earth! bagay sayu :D


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