Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make Up Workshop by Reiva Cruze of MUD New York

Are you a makeup enthusiast? Makeup blogger? Makeup artist in the making? If you are doing something related to makeup, I guess this blog post is for you. Personally, I don't know the art of painting, using a human face as canvass. My vanity kit includes only the basic stuff and I don't even own a brush! So, last January 14, 2011, I attended a make up workshop for the first time.

at Pure Beauty Serendra, wearing the red top with puffy sleeves..

A fellow blogger invited me to come to this event that was held at Pure Beauty in a posh place of Serendra in Global City. I'm glad I came because it was an opportunity to meet the lead makeup artist Reiva Cruze from the Make Up Designory (MUD) New York.

Reiva Cruze doing her thing..

Reiva Cruze basically taught us how to do the smoky eye makeup. Just sitting there, I was amazed on how she did a creative trick to make the model look hotter. I thought it was simple and I could memorize how it was being done, but I was wrong. Doing makeup, making yourself look more fabulous with colors is really not as easy at it looks. One needs some tutoring or else serious learning in order to master this art.

Pink MagaLine and Reiva Cruze..

The good news is, superb makeup education is now within our reach. The Make Up Designory Manila is now open and offering classes such as Daytime Makeup, Nighttime Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Avant-Garde Makeup, etc. For inquiries, call 846-9016 or 659-1952 or visit PURE BEAUTY at 2F Serendra, Fort Bonifacio or email info@mudmanila.com.


  1. The art of doing makeup really needs lots of practice. Good for you sis you went to this workshop. So, how's the smoky eye going for you? I can never get it done right so far :P

  2. thanks sis for this info :) I'll share this to my lil sissy who loves make ups. Naku same, here i dont know much about make ups, only the basics.. didn't know na it7s a must to have different brushes. Hay naku, basta eyeliners and foundation lang ako.

  3. beauties...I like your red top sis....:)

  4. Sister ko nagmamake-up sakin pati na rin nail polish. Hehe,

    Tingin ko Ate mas mura pa rin Nivea diyan sa atin kasi yong nabili ko today 50% eh nasa W5,500 o P218 bawat isa. Magkano ba diyan sa atin teh? Kasi dito lang ako nagstart magNivea..hehe

  5. nice! na no nostalgia ako sis while viewing your posts :D


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