Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did Daniel Matsunaga Just Cheated on Heart Evangelista?

I was a little intrigued when I saw this video and photo of Daniel Matsunaga, the current boyfriend of Heart Evangelista, allegedly kissing a woman in the elevator. The woman entered the elevator first, the guy went it next, then he picked up something on the floor before leaning towards her. It really appears like he is kissing the woman. Whoever she is, it is confirmed that she is not the Dwarfina star.

In my opinion, basing from the guy's gesture and facial expression, it looks that he has been flirting with this girl prior to meeting in the elevator. Watch the video you and tell me what you think.

I can't believe just yet that it is Daniel Matsunaga in the video, but I guess I will feel bad for Heart in case that he is "really" the guy in the CCTV. They look so cute together!

Added 10:50 PM

According to a friend of mine, she found out through PR that this is just a viral video for VEET. Thanks goodness 'cos I did not believe the whole thing anyway. I thought, the kiss looks real, but play it again then you'll realize it's fake. Haha.


  1. i agree.. boys shouldn't cheat on their girls.. thats bad..

  2. Wow, parang pang commercial ang dating but of course, if the guy is really the bf of heart, definitely I'll also feel bad for her.

  3. This was confirmed that it's DANIEL, however this is just a commercial teaser of VEET Company in which Daniel is the lead model for the Promo that they launched last February.

  4. ahhhh teaser lang pla ahhahah masyado naman :)) lol


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