Monday, January 31, 2011

Winner of My Forever 21 Giveaway

First of all, thanks you so much for all the ladies who joined my giveaway for the month of January. I can only choose one winner, so I guess just better watch out for my next giveaway. It is coming soon. Please watch out.

Congratulations to Madz!

I had to ask a special friend to go through the entries and pick the winner. She thinks you gave the best answer, so yes, you just won yourself a pair of Forever 21 earrings. I will contact you asap. Congrats again!

Solenn Heussaff for Cosmopolitan Magazine February 2011

I think, the good thing about living in an area very near Summit Media office is getting copies of their magazine early. This morning, I was able to get my copy of Cosmopolitan magazine for February 2011 with Solenn Heussaff on the cover.

The back side of this issue is looking as nice as front with her and Richard Gutierrez together. The inside article features a quiz on how well they know each other and talks about Solenn's new career in acting and singing.

If you are a fan of Solenn, I really think your should read this one. You'll be surprise to know more about her personality and her lifestyle as written in this issue. She was quoted saying, "I'm always the first one to ask a guy out. I'm super straight to the point." She also added, "I'm free-spirited. I go with my gut feel, and I'll try whatever comes my way."

Sale Find of the Week: Sky Travel Luggages

I have been wanting to buy a new luggage for myself since my first luggage (ever) retired. Good thing that there are always luggages on sale in any department store here in Manila. Yesterday, I bought a red Sky Travel luggage for myself after getting my Google pay. The luggage I picked was under the promo BUY 1 GET 1 FREE, so I took home a smaller version of it free of charge!

My old luggage was red and I was not supposed to buy something in the same color. I went to the mall, thinking of buying a pink or purple luggage. When I arrived at the luggage and bag section, I realized that pink is not really a nice color to pick. That color gets dirty easily. I also didn't like the design of the purple ones, so that's how I ended up buying the red one (again).

Sale Find: Red Sky Travel luggages
Regular Price: P2,199 for the big size & P1,499 for the carry on size
Promo Price: P2,199 only for 2 luggages
Sale From: Robinson's Forum Dept. Store

Added February 2, 2011

Shocks! I just checked the luggages again today and noticed that their color is not red at all. It is actually pink. A very dark shade of pink. Waahh! I think, I am color blind!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pink Valentine Gifts From Coach

I was browsing the net for pink items when I saw these perfume, tee and bags. They are authentic items from Coach. And the best thing about these products is, they are all less than $100. Just perfect to add to your Valentine wish!

Poppy perfume spray $60

Colette signature scarf print large wristlet $98

Poppy heart tee in fuchsia $58

Julia nylon medium cosmetic case $58

Among these four items, I like the wristlet the most though I guess it will be much better if I can get a handbag. Something that is classic. With that signature design. Haha. I know hubby won't buy it because he will be spending more than "our usual Valentine" this year. Yay, I am already excited for that, so never mind the bag at the moment.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did Daniel Matsunaga Just Cheated on Heart Evangelista?

I was a little intrigued when I saw this video and photo of Daniel Matsunaga, the current boyfriend of Heart Evangelista, allegedly kissing a woman in the elevator. The woman entered the elevator first, the guy went it next, then he picked up something on the floor before leaning towards her. It really appears like he is kissing the woman. Whoever she is, it is confirmed that she is not the Dwarfina star.

In my opinion, basing from the guy's gesture and facial expression, it looks that he has been flirting with this girl prior to meeting in the elevator. Watch the video you and tell me what you think.

I can't believe just yet that it is Daniel Matsunaga in the video, but I guess I will feel bad for Heart in case that he is "really" the guy in the CCTV. They look so cute together!

Added 10:50 PM

According to a friend of mine, she found out through PR that this is just a viral video for VEET. Thanks goodness 'cos I did not believe the whole thing anyway. I thought, the kiss looks real, but play it again then you'll realize it's fake. Haha.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make Up Workshop by Reiva Cruze of MUD New York

Are you a makeup enthusiast? Makeup blogger? Makeup artist in the making? If you are doing something related to makeup, I guess this blog post is for you. Personally, I don't know the art of painting, using a human face as canvass. My vanity kit includes only the basic stuff and I don't even own a brush! So, last January 14, 2011, I attended a make up workshop for the first time.

at Pure Beauty Serendra, wearing the red top with puffy sleeves..

A fellow blogger invited me to come to this event that was held at Pure Beauty in a posh place of Serendra in Global City. I'm glad I came because it was an opportunity to meet the lead makeup artist Reiva Cruze from the Make Up Designory (MUD) New York.

Reiva Cruze doing her thing..

Reiva Cruze basically taught us how to do the smoky eye makeup. Just sitting there, I was amazed on how she did a creative trick to make the model look hotter. I thought it was simple and I could memorize how it was being done, but I was wrong. Doing makeup, making yourself look more fabulous with colors is really not as easy at it looks. One needs some tutoring or else serious learning in order to master this art.

Pink MagaLine and Reiva Cruze..

The good news is, superb makeup education is now within our reach. The Make Up Designory Manila is now open and offering classes such as Daytime Makeup, Nighttime Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Avant-Garde Makeup, etc. For inquiries, call 846-9016 or 659-1952 or visit PURE BEAUTY at 2F Serendra, Fort Bonifacio or email

Monday, January 24, 2011

Danica Magpantay: Ford Supermodel of the World 2011

Danica Flores Magpantay won the Ford Supermodel of the World 2011. She is the very first Filipina to win the title, though Charo Ronquillo was 2nd Runner-up Ford Supermodel of the World 2006 and Charlene Almarvez was the 1st Runner-up in Ford Supermodel of the World 2010.

Danica bagged the title as Ford Supermodel of the World-Philippines October of last year which made her way to the prestigious Ford Supermodel of the World held in New York City last Saturday (Sunday in Manila). Models from over 50 countries join the competition. Danica, a 17 year old UP Fine Arts student, won a $250,000 modeling contract with Ford Models. On the other hand, the Litihuanian 1st runner up was awarded a $150 modeling contract, then the 2nd runner up from Poland got a $100,000 modeling contract.

For those who doesn't know Danica Magpantay yet, she is the daughter of Milagros "Lala" Flores, a former Supermodel of the World Philippines 1990, now a renowned make up artist herself. She who won the Crest Best Smile Award at the international competition.

Congratulations Danica! I hope more and more Filipino models out there will also make it to the top just like where you are now.

Sale Find of the Week: Hollister Floral Skirt

I know right? SM's Surplus store sells lots of fashionable items, that's why I am featuring lots of items from their store for three weeks now. Enjoy!

Sale Find: Hollister Floral Skirt
Estimated Regular Price: $39.50 (over P1500)
Sale Price: P399.75
Sale From: Surplus store - SM Makati

Friday, January 21, 2011

Product Review: NIVEA Age Defying (Q10 Plus) Hand Lotion

I tried this hand lotion once. You know, in malls and even in groceries, if there is a new product, they usually put one as a tester. I'm aware that I won't be able to see any difference after one application, so I finally bought it after the decision of switching back to NIVEA this year.

P145 for a 100 ml tube

Product Information*

NIVEA Hand Age-Defying Q10 Plus contains in its quickly absorbed formula the skin’s own Co Enzyme Q10 Energy Complex and UV Filters. It prevents and visibly reduces first signs of skin ageing whilst caring very effectively for your hands.

The valuable formula with: The unique Co Enzyme Q10 Energy Complex penetrates quickly into the skin, stimulating the skin’s own energy, thus supporting the cell functions and the skin’s ability to stay visibly smooth and firm.

The valuable formula with:
-The unique Co Enzyme Q10 Energy Complex penetrates the skin, stimulating the skin's own energy, thus supporting the cell functions and the skin's ability to stay visibly smooth and firm.
-UVA /UVB Filters help to prevent premature skin-ageing and age-spots.

Enjoy naturally younger and smoother looking hands.

Skin-compatability dermatologically approved.

Look at my hand here. This is a photo taken without the lotion. My hand is obviously dry and looking older.

Check this second photo, taken after application. Here, my hand looks smoother and a bit younger. The result is amazing, right? So I guess I will have to continue using this product.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Forever 21 Opens in SM Makati Soon!

Yes, you read that right. Forever 21 Philippines is finally opening its second branch in SM Department Store - Makati. With the success of Forever 21 - SM Megamall, now they are bringing affordable fashion to the country's financial capital.

no exact date yet..

The newest Forever 21 branch will open at the ground floor of SM Makati where the teen section used to be. It is the same floor with the Watsons, Beauty by SM and Kodak. The area is not as big as the Megamall branch, but I guess it will be enough if they're going to make use of the space wisely.

just soon..

Stylish girls and boys, fashionistas and trend-setters alike, get ready for the opening of this branch. Who knows? They might have (again) a special sale on the first day and all items might be all marked-down.

Hey you guys, don't panic yet because I heard Forever 21 will also open in North EDSA and Manila. I know lots of fans in Visayas and Mindanao areas are wanting to have a branch near them too. Good thing that they included Cebu to their list and it is said to open after the Makati branch. Now, how cool is that?

Let's Eat Fish and Enjoy the Healthy Benefits!

I was born and raised in a small Philippine island, so I am used to eating fish. Actually, a wide variety of it. As of these days, my number one favorite fish is blue marlin. The best blue marlin recipe I ever tasted was in Palawan. How could I ever forget its very delicious taste?

After the holidays, I went to a wet market in a neighboring city to buy a two week supply of fish and seafood. That day, I was lucky enough to find my favorite blue marlin. I sprinkled just a salt and pepper, then marinated it in a little soy sauce and calamansi juice. After marination, I grilled the fish fillets until golden brown. After cooking, I tasted them right away and I swear, it was almost as unforgettable with the one I had in Dos Palmas in Palawan. A little more practice and it will be a total winner. D
o you like eating fish too? What is your favorite seafood?

I did a little research of the benefits in eating fish and here it goes.

Healthy diets almost always contain fish, a protein food with fewer calories than other meat sources. It's also one of nature's most versatile foods. As well as different species of fish, you can steam, bake, fry or poach fish. It's great raw in the form of sashimi, anchovies, carpaccio and gravlax. But there have been conflicting health messages around the benefits of eating fish.

Long regarded as low in fat and high in "good fats," the health benefits have been overwhelmed by concerns about the environmental problems caused by over-fishing and health risks caused by pollutants.

But last October the Harvard School of Public Health reviewed existing studies that looked at the health effects of eating fish -- and the jury's come back in favor of... eating fish!

The Harvard study recommended eating up to two portions of fish a week and that eating fish could cut the risk of death from heart disease by a third. The evidence across different studies showed that fish consumption lowers the risk of death from heart disease by 36 per cent.

The oils in some fish appear to reduce the blood from clotting by reducing the stickiness of the blood. The most beneficial fish in this context is oily fish such as salmon or mackerel. The researchers also suggested that eating that amount of fish or fish oil intake reduces total mortality by 17 per cent.


Studies have shown that fish alleviates a range of ailments.

Prostate cancer: A Swedish study of 6000 men over 30 years show that men who did not eat fish between double and trebled the risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those that did. Fish also contains selenium, thought to have cancer-fighting properties.

Depression: The omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish are believed to raise levels of the brain chemical serotonin, which aids in reducing depression. Skin: Some dermatologists say that a salmon rich diet acts like a facial -- smoothing out age lines.

Inflammation: Omega 3 fatty acids, through several mechanisms, regulate your body's inflammation cycle, which prevents and relieves painful conditions like arthritis, prostatitis and cystitis. Fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids includes, mackerel, trout, herring, sardines, tuna and salmon.

Source: CNN

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: Mint Green Night Gown

If I remember correctly, I saw this lovely night gown around November last year in Surplus-SM Makati. I tried the peach one and liked the fit, but actually bought the black one, thinking of giving it as a gift to a friend. This night gown can be worn as a summer dress or beach dress too. The front detail is sexy and the fabric is so comfy.

Sale Find: Forever 21 Night Gown
Surplus Price: P399.75
Sale From: SURPLUS SM Makati

Switching Back to Nivea

If you found a really nice product that works with your skin well, whether it's cheap or not, stick with it. Every now and then, the market will introduce a new line of beauty products, but don't take a risk and experiment. You know, the oldies are always the goodies.

Last Wednesday, I went to the grocery to buy myself some Nivea products. I got Nivea Extensive Body Milk, Nivea Age Defying Hand Lotion, and Nivea Care Soap in three different scents. Too bad that the shower gel is not available and I forgot to buy the classic Nivea Cream. Grrr!

As far as I know, Nivea is one of the oldest brand out there. It came out in 1911, just a year before the sinking of the Titanic. Imagine that? Very old huh! So, I guess the Nivea company proved their customers long enough. Their product marketing is working well.

My all-time favorite Nivea product is the anti-perspirant. I buy a different variant every time. I use a Nivea lotion once in a while too. It helped me with my very dry skin. The biggest mistake I did was not being able to stick with Nivea. Other brands are cheaper, so blame it to my stingy side. This year, one of my new year's resolution is to take care of my health and well-being. That includes taking extra care of my skin, so I guess more Nivea posts to come soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ophiuchus: The Newest Zodiac Sign

Watching the evening news today, I learned that there is a new zodiac sign. I got curios so I googled it. To my surprise, my sign as Gemini is no longer my sign. Unbelievable because for 30 years, I was able to convince myself that my personality is really under Gemini. Now, because of the change in position among constellations, I am now a Taurus! And, here is the list of the "new" zodiac signs:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20

The new sign is called Ophiuchus or Oph·i·u·chus. Its pronuciation key is [of-ee-yoo-kuhs, oh-fee-] Under Astronomy, it pertains to the Serpent Bearer, a constellation on the celestial equator between Libra and Aquila.

Now, do you like your new zodiac sign? How do you feel about it?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Resolution, Goals and Wishes for the New Year

It seems that everybody already posted their New Year's resolution except for me. I know I also have to list down a few goals here. I was too lazy early last year. I did not have any specific goal on beauty, fitness, self-improvement, etc. This year, it's time to make a difference.

Since I already started going to the gym last December, I decided to continue the same thing this year and do it even better. For a change, I am posting my resolution, goals and wishes for 2011, so I can keep track of my improvements easily.

the simple dress which I won from Earth's giveaway :)

My All-Around Checklist for this year:

-Work out from Monday to Friday. Lose 3 more inches off my waistline. Maintain my ideal weight.
-Less meat. Less rice. Less sugar. Less salt. Less fat. More vegetables and fish. I will also make it a habit to eat plain yogurt.
-Try detox diet once in a while.
-Moisturize, moisturize, and lastly, moisturize. Say goodbye to super dry and flaky skin!
-See the dentist for fixing and cleaning of teeth.
-Stop shopping for useless items. Save money for quality products that would last long. This includes bags, shoes, clothes, etc.
-Get myself one authentic designer bag. One is enough please.
-Hopefully, go back to school to start pursuing a master's degree again.

Hey wait! I think there's more. My memory sucks. I think I will just have to add them later.
How about you ladies? What is your number one goal this year?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: Aeropostale Floral Skirt

Shopping at Surplus in SM Makati the other week, I saw this really girly and cute skirt. I was tempted to try it and surprisingly, it made me look and feel like a teenager! I am not confident in wearing small skirts though. And, this skirt was a size bigger so it was very easy to let go. Do you like mini skirts?

Sale Find: Aeropostale Floral Skirt
Estimated Regular Price: $39.50 (over P1500)
Sale Price: P399.75
Sale From: SURPLUS SM Makati

What I wore from top to toe: Tank top, necklace and earrings from Forever 21, Aeropostale skirt and Jazz ballet flats.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Overrun Clothes and SM's Surplus Store

There is a number of bazaar stores selling "overrun" clothes these days. Not to mention, lots of individuals sell overrun clothes through networking sites like Facebook and Multiply and even classified ads. They usually offer various items from brands like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and a lot more.

A cousin of mine asked, "What are overrun clothes?" I told her, as far as I know, these companies send an order to factories. In their order says the style, color, fabric, sizes and exact number of clothes they need. Now, the factory where they sent an order to will manufacture the items, but will exceed to the exact amount ordered to them. The purpose of this is to be able to control the quality and to give products that are free from any damages or whatsoever to customers. Next, the clothes are shipped, delivered and sold among authorized stores and outlets. Now, what happens to those items left in the factory? Of course, they will be distributed and sold in a lower price and they are what we call overrun clothes!

Among SM Malls, there are stores called SURPLUS and they are said to be selling affordable authentic apparel. While in college, I was introduced to Surplus store by my brother and sister-in-law. I thought the store sells second hand clothes. Haha. I know, I was that ignorant. So later, I realized that they indeed sell authentic clothes and in a cheaper deal. The only thing is, they can only sell designs from the previous seasons. Nevertheless, I am still a fan of SM's Surplus store. That is where I buy cheap clothes from my favorite brands like Victoria's Secret and Forever 21, though they have Collezione, Banana Republic and Hollister among others.

So, where do you usually shop for nice clothes in a cheaper budget? Do you also like SM's SURPLUS store?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Pinay in Pink January 2011: Julie Reyes

Feeling guilty with all the sweets, greasy and unhealthy food you consumed during the holidays? Thinking of exercise or following a strict diet plan to drop those extra few pounds, but needs some inspiration to start? Scroll down the page to read about her and learn why she's chosen as Pinay in Pink for the first month of 2011!

Name: Julie Reyes
Nick-name: Hotlegs Runner
Birthday: 08/28/73
Status: Engaged
Profession: Dancer/Choreographer
Hometown: Manila, Philippines

PML: When did you start running?

Hotlegs Runner: I started running last year, Nov. 1, 2009

PML: Where do you get your inspiration to continue to run?
Hotlegs Runner: I draw inspiration from people who are equally as motivated and as passionate as I am. Those that get off the couch and make a decision to be active and live a healthy life. Seeing other athletes excel or reading about all their experiences on their blogs are enough to keep me inspired.

PML: How is it like being both athletic and feminine?
Hotlegs Runner: I've never had a problem with regards to being both feminine and filling the role of an athlete. Thank God I didn't live in that era when athletics were commonly considered masculine activities. In the present day, however, you really can't avoid being prejudiced or being discriminated at times. But, I really don't care if others think that I'm not a "serious athlete" just coz I'm wearing a running skirt. Just coz I'm an athlete doesn't mean I have to look like a man in order to be taken seriously. I am a female athlete and I'm proud to be one and maybe that's why I love to wear pink during my race events.

PML: Tell us about your diet.
Hotlegs Runner: Well first of all, it has drastically changed ever since I started running. Before I started to run, I ate anything I wanted to, any time I wanted to. I stuffed my face with some of the most unhealthiest food you can think of. But all that has changed when I set goals for myself like running a marathon or finishing a triathlon. I wanted to run better and turn my body into one lean, mean, healthy machine. I can say now that I have a better relationship with food.

Here are some of the changes I made with regards to my food intake:

-- I never miss breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day. And you actually gain weight if you don't eat in the morning. Breakfast for me is usually a bowl old fashioned oatmeal. I mix in a teaspoon of flaxseed, strawberries or whatever fruit I have here, and a little almond milk. Sometimes, I'd make one of my protein smoothies. Oh and I always have coffee. Just one cup.
-- Lunch will be my heaviest meal for the day. I have a cup of brown rice, chicken or fish and some veggies.
-- My lightest meal of the day is dinner. I just have a salad and chicken or fish.
-- I only eat red meat during the weekends.
-- Dessert would be Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries or raspberries with a little granola.
-- Snacks would be either almonds, edamame, or dried fruit and nuts.
Yes, I do have a cheat day. That would be every Sunday. That's the day I can eat red velvet cake or some greasy Filipino dish. =p

PML: Running here vs. running abroad. Which one do you like better? Why?
Hotlegs Runner: Oh wow this is a tough one. So here goes...

The Philippines is more often than not, hot and humid. Here in the U.S. it's almost always cold and never as humid as it is back home. The heat has always been my greatest adversary. That said, I prefer to run here mainly because I know I run better in the cold than in the heat. However, heat training in Manila has helped me a lot. Especially during the hot summer days here in the U.S.

I belong to a running group here but I have to say, I miss my running family in Manila, But I have a huge support team online. I have wonderful blog friends who are all athletes who support and empower me through their words.

With regards to race events, I have to admit that the races here in the U.S. are more well-organized. But if we compare the race fees, naturally, the fees in the Philippines are far less expensive. One race fee here in the U.S. is enough to fund my whole year of race events in the Philippines! Haha! You get your money's worth though.

PML: What is your number one priority?
Hotlegs Runner: My number one priority is God. My family comes in second and my sport, third.

PML: Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
Hotlegs Runner: I have lots! "Suck it up, Buttercup", "You've got this", "I run because there is always a chance to be extra ordinary", "Just do it", "I Am. I Can. I Will (engraved on my RoadID)", but my favorite is a verse in the bible..."I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

If you think you know someone who deserves to be featured as Pink MagaLine's Pinay in Pink of the month, email me at MRSKOLCA@GMAIL.COM together with the name, contact details and basic profile of the person you are referring. I'm sure a lot of Pink MagaLine readers would want to know more Pinays like her. Cheers!