Monday, December 27, 2010

Sale Find of the Week: Red Top with Big Puffy Sleeves

It is our tradition to wear something red on Christmas day that's why I shopping for red outfits as early as November. I bought dresses and boots for me and my daughter and a couple of polo for hubby too. But, of all the sale finds, I think, this red top was the best deal. My favorite!

Sale Find: Red Top with Big Puffy Sleeves
Bazaar Price: P200
Sale From: Landmark Trinoma


  1. Nice Red top and I also like it. Merry Christmas!

  2. hey u look stunning in the title pic....u must wear make up often....look gorgeous :) Wonderful top !!

  3. love the color sis :) and type ko ang neckline... happy Christmas!

  4. Naku, my style.. kasi di ako afford magpalipo.. lol.. hide all the bulges both tummy and arms.. hahaha.. cheating! lol.. pretty sis..

  5. @sweetmom: yes sis, this top is really cute!

    @supermommy: happy new year to you dear :)

    @lav: that's not make up dear, just picasa editing.. hihi..

    @hangingbridge: you can get this from landmark sis.. ^^

    @vernz: yes, the puffy sleeves can help hide the flabby arms, but not the tummy area sis.. this top is kinda hip-hugging and hanging.. lolz.

  6. my lola gets mad at me when I don't wear red pag New Year haha

  7. wow! nice sya sis infairness...wala akong makita na ganyan dito...kung meron man ang mahal...I like the style! and the color of course!


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