Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Pinay in Pink December 2010: Liz Venturina

This lady is multitalented, multilingual and always multitasking. Her big love for beauty is best expressd through make up and photography. Read more and get your monthly doze of inspiration from Liz of the Pinay in Pink for December.

Name: Liz Venturina
Ethnicity: Filipino
Hometown: San Jose City, Nueve Ecija

Age: 28
Language Spoken: Filipino, English, German, Thai, basic Spanish
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 43 kgs.

PML: What do you do for a living?
Liz: I pretty much do the things I love and get paid for it. I am a makeup artist one day, a photographer the next. I also started designing clothes for a specific niche market (although I cannot go into details until everything has materialized).

PML: What's a day in your shoes like?
Liz: Stressful! Haha! I'm a pretty restive person and I spend most of my days trying to come up with new ideas and discovering new photography or makeup tricks. I am fond of multi-tasking too. I cannot function well if I only get to do one thing at a time.

PML: How do you spend your free time?
Liz: Nothing really fancy. I sing my lungs out, read books, cuddle my cats and play video games.

PML: What is your favorite vacation destination? Why?
Liz: Alsace, France. The place is full of charm and it's very serene. It's both simple and picturesque. Fresh crisp air, colorful cottages, cobbled streets... Everytime I'm there, I don't feel like going home anymore.

PML: If I were to walk down the aisle tomorrow, I'd be wearing...
Liz: Definitely NOT a traditional white wedding gown.

PML: What is the secret to a successful career?
Liz: You have to love what you do. Only then can you enjoy it and excel in it. For me, success is not measured by profit --- you can have a measly salary yet still be called successful if you are able find happiness at work and take pride in whatever it is you do.

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