Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Gift-giving Ideas and Tips

Did you finish your Christmas shopping ladies? Or are you still looking for a fab item to give your bff? You know looking for an ideal gift to please your bestfriend, sister or any female friend can be a little stressful.

Here's a photo of some pink stuff that I received from friends this year. A friend gave me Clinique eye shadows in a pink case and a pink jewelry holder. Another friend game me that pink coin purse. Aren't they cute and cool enough?


1. Budget - How much do you want to spend for a single gift? Are you willing to pay $50 or up? Think of buying a gift within your budget. Don't force yourself from buying something that is way too expensive or out of your budget. Wait for the sale period if your budget is tight.

2. Personal style of the recipient - Is she stylish or feminine? Does she like kinky items? This thing also depends on her age, affiliation, etc. For example, a sporty person might be interested with a new pair of jogging pants or a workout gadget. So, know the recipient well and think of something she will really like. Talk to her and try to check her wishlist.

3. Availability of the product that you wish to give - She might be asking something exotic or unique. You are lucky if it is readily available even at the grocery or drugstore. These days, beauty products and women accessories can be bought even at your nearest supermarket.

4. Online or offline? - Shopping online can be very convenient, but be careful with bogus stores and the "no return, no exchange policy". Shop at trusted online stores only. Meanwhile, shopping at the mall requires planning. The malls can be very crowded during holiday sales. Better yet, go shopping in a weekday to avoid overcrowded stores.

5. Cash or credit card? - Buying gifts using cash will surely make you free from debt after the holidays. Plus, it's hard to manage your finances using credit card esp. if you don't keep track of your every swipe. Spend wisely!


  1. wow! cute! shempre alam ko kanino galing...hehe! whenever I see pink stuff I always remember u! =)

  2. hey such a beautiful was never my favourite, now after' seeing everything in pink in ur blog, am getting attracted to this color hehehe..

  3. I normally give generic gifts, because, let's admit it, I don't really have time to think about every friend's personal style. :D


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