Monday, December 20, 2010

Body Shop's Moringa Milk Lotion

I love vegetables and one of my most favorite is malunggay or moringa. This time, I'll get to look good, feel nice and smell sweet with Body Shop's Moringa Milk Lotion. Isn't it cool to beautify yourself by not just eating veggies, but using beauty products with vegetables too?

This milk lotion is best to hydrate your skin due to the cold weather condition. Easily absorbed, thus it gives an instant moisturizing effect to skin. People with normal and dry skin alike may use this lotion. It helps soften and restore the skin's suppleness. What I love about this product is the floral scent. So nice that it smells like perfume. Buy and try it ladies. This will make a perfect gift for your girlfriends too!


  1. I haven't done my post yet. Will do it tonight! Super busy!

  2. I didn't know that Malunggay is "Moringa". Never tried this one. How much sis?

    Thanks for the info.

  3. First time to know that malunggay is moringa thanks for that =) malunggay is really good it has many vitamins, i think this product will really works.

  4. Moringa is really an amazing tree because all of its parts are useful. I'm glad Body Shop has come up with this product. Now, we can enjoy the goodness of Moringa on on our skin, too.

  5. ah this is the lotion that Lara Quigaman is advertising now. Tagal ka na gumagamit nito sis?


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