Monday, November 15, 2010

Who is Liz Uy?

You must have heard it from the news or from your office mate. Well, it is almost official. I mean, officially in a dating status, because the presidential sister, Miss Ballsy Aquino, already confirmed that Liz Uy and P-Noy are dating. And.. the youngest sister of P-Noy, Kris Aquino, also said that she likes them together. So yes, they are on the stage of getting to know each other. Looking almost like a "couple" now? But wait. Do we really know Liz Uy? Who is she? And what does she do for a living?

Before becoming a presidential stylist, Liz Uy said to be working in the hotel and restaurant industry after her graduation. She shifted to the fashion industry when her first job didn't work. She became stylist to the stars and later fashion editor for Preview Magazine. Liz Uy is also known to be John Lloyd Cruz' ex-girlfriend.

In my opinion, Liz Uy as a fashionista and a stylist is like a Pinay younger version of Rachel Zoe. Famous celebs and models rely on her when it comes to trend-setting. She once mentioned that her personal style depends on her mood, sometimes polished, sometimes undone. She has a thing for bags, Kate Moss and Paris, France. She also confessed that she feels naked without a nail polish. When asked if she needs to date a fashionable guy, she was quoted saying, "Not necessarily, though it will definitely be easier for him to woo me if we speak the same language."

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  1. thanks for sharing i only new that Liz was ex gf of John Lloyd and now the stylish of Pnoy.

  2. don't want to sound too "nega" on the issue, but i think the relationship (dating issue) is "sugarcoated" :))) ooppsss!

  3. wow! another lady for! I wonder how old is the pres...he looks old...hehehe...joke!

    Honestly, I never heard from her before...thanks for sharing sis....:)

  4. nice to be back here.. i miss your blogs.


    of course who wouldn't want to date the president dba? lol Maganda din pala yung ex ni Pnoy, but Liz is more sosyal.

  5. wala namang nangyari sa "dating status" na yun.... hehe


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