Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tips in Shopping at Forever 21

Have you ever been to the only Forever 21 store in the Philippines during a sale period? Perhaps you know how chaotic the store could be if you say yes to that question.

See this? This is a photo taken around 10:30 in the morning during a weekend sale. Not yet that crowded I know, but wait just one hour more and the next scene will be like the photo below!

This is the endless line of people, all waiting for their turn to pay and go. Shopping, fitting of clothes and standing in line for the cashier are not easy on a sale day, huh?

Take a look at this photo. This the typical scenario outside the store during a mall-wide sale. If you'll come in the middle of the day, the guards will probably not allow you to get in 'cause the store is already congested. Wait for the people inside to finish their shopping, then by the time you enter, the items that you are dying to buy might not be available anymore.

Here's Some Tips in Shopping at Forever 21 on a Sale Period
1. Visit the Forever 21 Philippines Facebook page, and of course, be a fan.
2. Check the items on sale and remember which section of the store they are located, so you know where to run the moment you arrive.
3. Know your Forever 21 size. Sometimes, you don't need to try the items in your shopping bag if you got them in your exact size.
4. Get ready to ambush the store, but don't forget to bring someone to help you. Drag your husband, boyfriend, sister or bestfriend, so he/she can carry your shopping bag or queue while you are still back in the fitting room, trying on a pair of jeans.
5. Prepare your discount cards, credit cards, gift cards, cash, etc.
6. Come early. Shop early. Finish early.

That's all for now. The holidays are coming, so I guess there will be a holiday sale too. Happy shopping!


  1. I couldn't agree more, Forever 21 here is crazy full even without a SALE! =D

  2. I've tried going in Forever 21 days after they opened in Megamall. My only gripe is their layout. Parang scattered yung items. Had a hard time finding the guy's section as well. Kung first timer, dapat talaga pumunta dyan ng dead hours, like 10AM on a weekday. Hehe!

  3. oh mother of pearl...never ko pang nakita na ganon ka crowded ang 4ever21 stores dito sis...ehehehe!

  4. I never thought ganito kadami ang mamimili sa forever21 dito sa pinas. I haven't visit the shop yet, kasi malayo sa place namin.

  5. aw gusto ko din mag shopping sa Forever21 :D


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