Friday, November 05, 2010

Penshoppe's Newest Fragrance: Denim Love

I love this newest eau de toilette from Penshoppe. The bright red packaging with logo is just lovely. I first thought this fragrance is unisex, but reading from the label, I discovered that it is for women only.

I got this for free from the Penshoppe Arrivalist during the Philippine Fashion Week. When I visited the Penshoppe boutique in Megamall, I learned that this eau de toilette isn't available in stores yet. So, that's why they gave this as a sample.

Still have a couple of expensive branded perfumes in my closet, but I already opened my free sample because of excitement. I used it twice and I'm telling you, it is smelling so good. I am no perfume connoisseur, but my verdict is that Denim Love smells awesome like a carefree Parisian lass under the Tuscan sun. Am I exaggerating? Of course not. This perfume is just a must-have. Try it!


  1. oh wow? really, i'll check the nearest Penshoppe for this newest fragrance.

  2. wow! ang galing! I love penshoppe...kaso ala naman dito.

  3. bango naman talaga ang perfume sa penshoppe kasi ate ko yan ang brand


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