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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Want This!

I want a pair of boots for Christmas. I know hubby will tell me, there is no snow or winter in the Philippines. It won't be freezing cold like the western countries. Why buy a pair of boots? Ugh, I just fell in love with the simple design of this shoes, so I want to go shoe shopping. Please?

Forever 21 Leatherette Boots - $29.80

I will be needing a pair of boots for an international trip early next year anyway. Perhaps I can buy it before Christmas already. Just the thought is make me feel excited.

This is not going to be my first pair of boots. I had a knee-high boots and couple of booties. Both booties gave up long time ago, then I had to hand down the knee-high boots to a friend who was scheduled to work abroad. See? I've been a very good girl. So please Santa.. I want this.


  1. awwww...santa saan kana...ako din, I am looking for you! hehehehe....:) nice one sis....:)

  2. I hope santa will visitme din this x-mas.last year absent cya kasi may influenza daw lol!

  3. mukhang super durable ng shoes. I like it too!


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