Friday, November 19, 2010

DIY Ribbon and Chained Coin Necklace

Are you keeping an old necklace? And, you don't wear it anymore because you think it's no longer updated? Well, don't throw it yet.

Look at this-- my first DIY necklace!

Instead of throwing or giving away this 5 year old coin necklace, I tried to glam it up using a thin black ribbon. The trick is simple. Here are the steps.

- Pick a ribbon of your choice.
- Be sure that the ribbon is longer than the necklace.
Sew the ribbon to the chain.
- Ribbon it on the side.
- Enjoy your new creation!

This necklace can now be worn stylishly with a plain top or dressI think it's cool so I'll try another design later. Girls, what dya think?


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