Monday, November 29, 2010

Sale Find of the Week: Chandelier Earrings

I had a black pair of these earrings. I wore it for Philippine Fashion Week, but lost it after dining in a Mediterranean restaurant in Greenhills. I was tired and sleepy, so I didn't realize it slipped out of my pocket. Bad idea that I took them off before eating. Good thing that I liked this pair better than the black one.

Sale Find: Peach & Gold Chandelier Earrings
Regular Price: P425
Sale Price: P212.50 (less than $6)
Sale From: Forever 21 Megamall

Hello Ladies!!!

How are you all? I am back. I believe I have a lot of things to catch. Thanks for visiting Pink MagaLine even while I'm gone. I will be checking all your entries for my giveaway soon. Love you all. Muah.

Friday, November 19, 2010

DIY Ribbon and Chained Coin Necklace

Are you keeping an old necklace? And, you don't wear it anymore because you think it's no longer updated? Well, don't throw it yet.

Look at this-- my first DIY necklace!

Instead of throwing or giving away this 5 year old coin necklace, I tried to glam it up using a thin black ribbon. The trick is simple. Here are the steps.

- Pick a ribbon of your choice.
- Be sure that the ribbon is longer than the necklace.
Sew the ribbon to the chain.
- Ribbon it on the side.
- Enjoy your new creation!

This necklace can now be worn stylishly with a plain top or dressI think it's cool so I'll try another design later. Girls, what dya think?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tips in Shopping at Forever 21

Have you ever been to the only Forever 21 store in the Philippines during a sale period? Perhaps you know how chaotic the store could be if you say yes to that question.

See this? This is a photo taken around 10:30 in the morning during a weekend sale. Not yet that crowded I know, but wait just one hour more and the next scene will be like the photo below!

This is the endless line of people, all waiting for their turn to pay and go. Shopping, fitting of clothes and standing in line for the cashier are not easy on a sale day, huh?

Take a look at this photo. This the typical scenario outside the store during a mall-wide sale. If you'll come in the middle of the day, the guards will probably not allow you to get in 'cause the store is already congested. Wait for the people inside to finish their shopping, then by the time you enter, the items that you are dying to buy might not be available anymore.

Here's Some Tips in Shopping at Forever 21 on a Sale Period
1. Visit the Forever 21 Philippines Facebook page, and of course, be a fan.
2. Check the items on sale and remember which section of the store they are located, so you know where to run the moment you arrive.
3. Know your Forever 21 size. Sometimes, you don't need to try the items in your shopping bag if you got them in your exact size.
4. Get ready to ambush the store, but don't forget to bring someone to help you. Drag your husband, boyfriend, sister or bestfriend, so he/she can carry your shopping bag or queue while you are still back in the fitting room, trying on a pair of jeans.
5. Prepare your discount cards, credit cards, gift cards, cash, etc.
6. Come early. Shop early. Finish early.

That's all for now. The holidays are coming, so I guess there will be a holiday sale too. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sale Find of the Week: Black and White Bangle

I sometimes love dressing in a black and white ensemble. For me, having a pair of white shoes, a black bag and accessories which is either black or white is somewhat important. So, here is my recent addition to my black and white collection.

Sale Find: Black and White Bangle
Original Price: P130
Sale Price: P65 (less than $2)
Sale From: SM Dept. Store Makati

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tinkerbell Themed Party

We were invited to a fairy themed party for the first time. It was Sati's first birthday party at Jollibee Ortigas Roosevelt. The little girls were asked to come in Tinkerbell or any fairy costume, the boys in Peter Pan or pirate costume, then adult guests in green, pink, brown or purple top.

A photo of mommy blogger Pehpot of Make or Break, her only daughter Sati, husband and other kids, while blowing the fabulously decorated fairy cake tower. Sati was the cutest in her tiny Tinkerbell costume.

Again, Sati's Tinkerbell cake, my daughter posing with baby Ashton in a very creative DIY Peter Pan costume, tinkerbell lootbags and my daughter and I as shot by Jes. That purple gown was the same gown she wore on her first birthday. The problem with the fitting was fixed after a little magic.

The Tinkerbell tarpaulin at the photo booth served as the background of many photos that day. Then, everybody ate a major feast of Jollibee chickenjoy and rice, spaghetti, yum burger, and hotdogs. My daughter concentrated on the chicken alone. Haha. She enjoyed watching the dancing Jollibbe mascot. She smiled a lot receiving the loot bag from Jollibee. When Jollibee finished his show, my daughter followed him to his locker room and cried when Jollibee didn't return. Poor baby.

A photo of the mom bloggers and kids. It was fun meeting some of them for the first time. Thanks to Pehpot who invited us. It was a blast!

What I wore that day: purple Penshoppe top with puffy sleeves, Penshoppe skinny jeans with tapered leg opening, Forever 21 earrings and necklace, Figliarina wedges, Esprit bag and Guess watch.

For my daughter: purple gown from Ninas Collection, purple sandals from SM Kids, purple wings from Toy Kingdom and hair accessory from SM Dept.

NOTE: This post was originally published in my old blog,, dated November 15, 2010.

Who is Liz Uy?

You must have heard it from the news or from your office mate. Well, it is almost official. I mean, officially in a dating status, because the presidential sister, Miss Ballsy Aquino, already confirmed that Liz Uy and P-Noy are dating. And.. the youngest sister of P-Noy, Kris Aquino, also said that she likes them together. So yes, they are on the stage of getting to know each other. Looking almost like a "couple" now? But wait. Do we really know Liz Uy? Who is she? And what does she do for a living?

Before becoming a presidential stylist, Liz Uy said to be working in the hotel and restaurant industry after her graduation. She shifted to the fashion industry when her first job didn't work. She became stylist to the stars and later fashion editor for Preview Magazine. Liz Uy is also known to be John Lloyd Cruz' ex-girlfriend.

In my opinion, Liz Uy as a fashionista and a stylist is like a Pinay younger version of Rachel Zoe. Famous celebs and models rely on her when it comes to trend-setting. She once mentioned that her personal style depends on her mood, sometimes polished, sometimes undone. She has a thing for bags, Kate Moss and Paris, France. She also confessed that she feels naked without a nail polish. When asked if she needs to date a fashionable guy, she was quoted saying, "Not necessarily, though it will definitely be easier for him to woo me if we speak the same language."

Photo Source:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Want This!

I want a pair of boots for Christmas. I know hubby will tell me, there is no snow or winter in the Philippines. It won't be freezing cold like the western countries. Why buy a pair of boots? Ugh, I just fell in love with the simple design of this shoes, so I want to go shoe shopping. Please?

Forever 21 Leatherette Boots - $29.80

I will be needing a pair of boots for an international trip early next year anyway. Perhaps I can buy it before Christmas already. Just the thought is make me feel excited.

This is not going to be my first pair of boots. I had a knee-high boots and couple of booties. Both booties gave up long time ago, then I had to hand down the knee-high boots to a friend who was scheduled to work abroad. See? I've been a very good girl. So please Santa.. I want this.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2011 Part 2 (After the Show)

In a fashion week, it is normal for people to check all the familiar faces, celebrities and socialites after the runway show, right? Since it was my first time there, I was a little shy to take photos. Looking around, I saw lots of individuals taking pictures already, so I just had to go with the flow. Click click click!

Spotted after the show is The King of Talk, Mr. Boy Abunda.

And then Markki Stroem..

Two beautiful models straight from the runway.

And me. Blue dress from Crissa, wet look leggings by Miley Cyrus, Parisian wedges, Fossil charm watch, Forever 21 chandelier earrings and Donna studded bag. Not really that fashionable I know. Style me! :D

Monday, November 08, 2010

Forever 21 Gift Cards

Still don't have a gift idea for your sister or bff this Christmas? This year, you can save your energy in storming the stores and packing your present. Just purchase some gift cards from Forever 21. They are now available in P1,000 and P2,000 at SM Megamall. Forever 21 is accepting only cash and debit card payments.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Penshoppe's Newest Fragrance: Denim Love

I love this newest eau de toilette from Penshoppe. The bright red packaging with logo is just lovely. I first thought this fragrance is unisex, but reading from the label, I discovered that it is for women only.

I got this for free from the Penshoppe Arrivalist during the Philippine Fashion Week. When I visited the Penshoppe boutique in Megamall, I learned that this eau de toilette isn't available in stores yet. So, that's why they gave this as a sample.

Still have a couple of expensive branded perfumes in my closet, but I already opened my free sample because of excitement. I used it twice and I'm telling you, it is smelling so good. I am no perfume connoisseur, but my verdict is that Denim Love smells awesome like a carefree Parisian lass under the Tuscan sun. Am I exaggerating? Of course not. This perfume is just a must-have. Try it!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pink MagaLine's Christmas Giveaway

Hello ladies! Christmas is fast approaching, so I decided to host an early Christmas giveaway as my way of saying THANK YOU to all of my blog readers and Facebook subscribers.

Here are the prizes at stake:
-black Forever 21 tank top
-white Gooey shorts
-Bobbie red nail polish
-Bobbie blue nail polish
-Bobbie green nail polish
-purple vanity kit
-Finess Oil Control Sheet
-Sofeel facial tissue (3 travel packs)
-Nivea Passion Fruit & Milk Proteins soap
-Nivea Strawberry & Milk soap

Plus, two items from my closet that I never used:
-ethnic bracelet
-Forever 21 leaf earrings

The following are the giveaway mechanics for bloggers. Please read carefully. The more points you earn, the bigger chance of winning.

1. Follow Pink MagaLine + comment on why you should win this giveaway (1 point)
2. Blog about this giveaway, adding the Pink MagaLine link to your post (plus 1 point).
3. Display the giveaway button to your sidebar (plus 1 point)
4. Add Pink MagaLine to you blog list or link list (plus 1 point)

Once you did the first step, it's up to you if you want to get added points by doing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th step.

One the other hand, here are the mechanics for Facebook subscribers (equivalent to 1 point only). Bloggers are also free to do these steps to gain another point.

1. Like the Pink MagaLine page.
2. Share the Pink MagaLine giveaway link.
3. Tag Pink MagaLine together with your shared link.

Don't forget the rules. If you think you deserve more than just one point, make sure to let me know of all the steps you followed to join this giveaway. Mention them in your comment together with your valid email address.

IMPORTANT RULES: One comment per blogger only and non-entry comments will be deleted. No need to give me the link of your blog entry 'cos I will visit your blog one by one to validate.

SAMPLE ENTRY: Your comment should be looking like this.
Hi! I think I need to win this because I wanna glam up myself for Christmas.
-Followed you thru Google Connect with username "pinkcorner"
-Posted your giveaway in my blog called PINK CORNER
-Displayed the giveaway button in my sidebar
-Added Pink MagaLine in my blog list
-Subcribed to Pink MagaLine in Facebook and shared this giveaway to my friends
Thanks for hosting this giveaway.. SAMPLE@EMAIL.COM

Change of rule. All entry comments will be published, then later be validated.

This giveaway is open to all my followers and subscribers worldwide. Last day to enter is December 4, 2010. This giveaway is EXTENDED until December 15, 2010. The winner will be picked through Random.Org and announced the next day.

Quick Tip: How to Avoid a Cheating Spouse

Stay emotionally connected with your husband.
Appreciate the things that he does.
Make him feel secure, strong, capable and valued.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2011 Part 1

This season, Penshoppe presented their collection with dark hues and bright prints, showcasing clothes inspired by the French lifestyle. Men and women are dressed with casual elegance in darker hues and bright prints. They showed snag blazers, slim jackets, playful skirts and dresses.

One can make either a polished casual look or effortless but incredible ensemble look out of the collection. Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2010 clothing is perfect for summer getaways and night outs, so mark your favorite pieces now before they hit the stores!

Pinay in Pink November 2010: Star Villanueva

She is an international flight attendant, businesswoman, magazine writer, blog owner of StarVillanueva.Com and a spa in Timog. Read on to find out why this young achiever believes that brains is more important than beauty.

Name: Estrellita Villanueva
Nick-Name: Star
Ethnicity: Filipino
Hometown: Quezon City, Philippines
Age: 25
Language Spoken: English, Filipino
Occupation: International Flight Attendant, Magazine Writer, Spa Owner
Height: 5’4
Weight: 118

PML: Are you health-conscious?
Star: Yes I am. I wear sunscreen, take vitamins, eat plenty of fruits, veggies and rich fiber food. But, I love to indulge my sweet cravings too and I never drink/smoke. (It’s very harmful to skin!)

PML: What is your basic beauty regimen?
Star: Make sure no makeup left at the end of the day, then nourish your skin with a moisturizer. As long as the product is effective to your skin, it doesn’t have to be expensive all the time!

PML: Which one do you think is more important? Beauty or brain?
Star: Brains. There has to be more to you than just your beautiful face. It’s something that either gravity or stress cannot take away from you.

PML: At what age did you start working full-time?
Star: 21 years old, right after I graduated college.

PML: What do you think is your greatest achievement in life?
Star: You can tell yourself that you have reached a point in life where you can say, “I am successful” That was my feeling when I was invited as guest speaker in a school to inspire college students about my achievements & experience in life and I’ve also been featured to quite number of blogs.

I considered having properties such as condo unit & lot in an early age as one of my greatest achievement. Further to that, I was able to put up my very own Star Bliss Salon and Spa located in Timog ave corner Scout Torillo. I became my own boss besides from my flying career and magazine writer in the airline where I am working.

PML: Tell us about the lesson you learned from your family.
Star: Always be thankful to God for all the blessings. Use your wisdom. The unique set of skills and experiences you have developed over a lifetime makes you a great teacher to anyone in need. Before you know it, your influence will expand as you help a lot of people.

PML: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Star: Probably not a part of an airline anymore. By that time, I must already started building up my own happy family, already a successful cosmetic & organic spa supplies distributor and already have more than 3 branches of Star Bliss Salon & Spa! (I’m thinking of going to law school too. After all, we shouldn’t stop dreaming and putting that dream into reality.)

PML: What can you say to other Pinays who are losing confidence?
Star: Be with inspiring people. Who makes you happy, energetic, and alive. Be with those people more than those who provide you anguish, low morale & lose confidence. If your job does not fulfill you and make you happy, then you deserve to find another one because no amount of money and benefits can equal the stress and illness you will develop in a job that makes you miserable. Heal yourself by being with people who inspire you and make you whole and most of all always trust the Lord.

If you think you know someone who deserves to be featured as Pink MagaLine's Pinay in Pink of the month, email me together with the name, contact details and basic profile of the person you are referring. I'm sure a lot of Pink MagaLine readers would want to know more Pinays like her. Cheers!