Sunday, October 10, 2010

What to do with frenemies?

In this very competitive world, it is common for women to have a frenemy. She could be a girl from the same neighborhood, office, or organization. Just be very careful 'cause she can lift you up with her challenging moves, but she can also push you down with her unkind behavior.

Honestly, I have one frenemy. At first, I couldn't believe it. I said, Oh my! What did I do wrong? Why does she try to put me down? You know, I considered her as a best-friend and trusted her half of my life until I had enough of her love and hate. I mean, one day for example, she'll give me positive compliments while enjoying in a party together. The next day, she'll tell me hurtful remarks about my fashion ensemble and insult me with a nickname or something. So hello! Do you think I don't recognize you and the things you are doing to me?

Frenemies have different motives and they come in different forms. Some of them are plain unkind and self-centered individuals, others are just jealous rivals. It's up to you if you'll allow them to destroy you, though. Like I said, they can be very discouraging. You don't have to confront them about what they do to you. I know, they won't admit that easy. If they start to annoy you, the best thing to do is to avoid them.

Personally, I will never allow frenemies to ruin my life. In my 30 years of existence, I had enough share of bullying and all sorts of pain. Sometimes, I just laugh at them and even feel pity for them. Yes, at one time, they struck me and made me shut myself in a room and cry. But I swear, most of the time, they made me stronger and braver. One should fight back and protect herself, right?

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  1. Is that person really even a friend in the first place??? True friends confront you in a way that the things that they are going to say wouldn't hurt as much compared to when others break it to you..
    They find ways to approach you in a subtle manner if they have a problem with you. They don't spit out insults in your face and hurt you.

    Its a definite YES!!! Don't hesitate to fight back if that "frenemy" is already going overboard.!! Go Girl!!

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  2. bat ganun sis? may frenemy kasi ako and hurt talaga ako nung na realize ko na plastic lng pala xa sakin...

  3. Hi jinky,Joy told me to read this particular BLOG of yours and I was compelled to impart hopefully something useful, so here goes...
    When confronted with perplexing matters such as this, just remember the parable of the sparrow... While flying to the north to escape the winter cold, he suddenly froze and fell to the ground... thinking it was his end, a cow came by and "poo'ed" all over him, The warm poo helped to melt the ice and kept him warm,inside that warm cocoon of poo, he reflected on his situation and felt comfortable and rejuvinated. A few moments later a cat came by... dug him out and ate him.
    I know the story is a bit crass or to a certain extent gross, But if one could look pass the morbid details, One can find a lesson underneath it all. And of course like all parables it has a moral lesson to be learned.
    the Moral of the story is, not everyone who "poo's" on you is you enemy and not all who digs you out of that poo is your friend.
    Be wary of people who pretends to care for you, and call themselves your friend, but are only present during the "happy" times of you life. But are nowhere to be found when you trully need them the most.
    Circumstances like these are meant to make you a stronger and more wiser person. Best thing you can do is learn from it.

    1. Thanks Raff! That's a good one. I needed it. Thank you again.


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