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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hobo Bag Giveaway Update

Hi ladies! Thank you all so so much for joining the Red Hobo Giveaway. Below is the list of entries for my contest as of today.

1. Meeyeehere
2. Michelle
3. Ish
4. Brainsnapshots
5. Ladymishel
6. Hangingbridge
7. Rhraindropz
8. Jasmine1485
9. Sweetmom
10. Kayce
11. Seth
12. Ipehishere
13. Nicquee
14. Vernz
15. Dhemz
16. Kat
17. Imriz
18. Maaauuuuuuu
19. Rossel
20. Aimee
21. Julie (No answer to the question. Entry not valid)
22. Clarissa
23. Joyfulmom
24. Enchi
25. Beth
26. Tattgiff
27. Lara Binay
28. Mjelly
29. Maree
30. Cheryl
31. Adnil63

(from Facebook)
32. Sionee O.
33. Alexee T.
34. Madz E.
35. Jobelle Rose

(last entry)
36. RyHeAnNe

I am yet to check the validity of each entry before the draw and announcement of the winner. If you haven't joined yet, HURRY AND JOIN NOW while there's still time! Click the giveaway button in my sidebar.

Congrats to the winner. Till next time ladies!

Edited: October 24, 2010 11:59 PM


  1. Congrats sa mananalo...hindi ako sumali wala naman kc ako maisasagot about fashion eh...hehehe

  2. yay! grats sa nanalo... ganda ng bag e


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