Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Modeling in the Philippines

As I noticed in the modeling industry today, more and more models with mixed blood are introduced and less full-blooded Filipinos are given the opportunity. Let say with runway, TV, and print ads, most models are usually foreigner, if not of Brazilian decent, then American, British, etc.

Bench models working the runway at Teatrino in Greenhills yesterday.

I am not saying that I hate the foreign invasion since that's already a part of the culture even before I was born. And in fact, they are beautiful people. We have their influence everywhere. I only want to see more full-blooded to be given equal chance to shine so we can have more Charo Ronquillo and Charlene Almarvez to be proud of.

So ladies.. What do you think of mixed versus full-blooded models? Do you have a favorite Filipino model? Have your say.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hobo Bag Giveaway Update

Hi ladies! Thank you all so so much for joining the Red Hobo Giveaway. Below is the list of entries for my contest as of today.

1. Meeyeehere
2. Michelle
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9. Sweetmom
10. Kayce
11. Seth
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13. Nicquee
14. Vernz
15. Dhemz
16. Kat
17. Imriz
18. Maaauuuuuuu
19. Rossel
20. Aimee
21. Julie (No answer to the question. Entry not valid)
22. Clarissa
23. Joyfulmom
24. Enchi
25. Beth
26. Tattgiff
27. Lara Binay
28. Mjelly
29. Maree
30. Cheryl
31. Adnil63

(from Facebook)
32. Sionee O.
33. Alexee T.
34. Madz E.
35. Jobelle Rose

(last entry)
36. RyHeAnNe

I am yet to check the validity of each entry before the draw and announcement of the winner. If you haven't joined yet, HURRY AND JOIN NOW while there's still time! Click the giveaway button in my sidebar.

Congrats to the winner. Till next time ladies!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Victor Ortega Salon and Spa Price List

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I still get lots of questions regarding the price of rebonding at Victor Ortega Salon and Spa, so here's a photo of their flyer. Just click to enlarge to see the corresponding price of the specific service that you wish to avail.

The first and the last time I got a rebond from Victor Ortega Salon were okay. I didn't have complains. I hope you too ladies will like their service. I am not a paid endorser of that salon. Just trying to spread the good news that you may now beautify yourself without paying a lot. Have fun. Muah!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wardrobe Essentials for Women

I love watching Tim Gunn in The Project Runway. When the celebrity style guru started his own reality show, Timm Gunn's Guide To Style, I also watched it with gusto. Yay, even tried to follow some of his tips! And though I didn't apply them all, I think, the most helpful is his wardrobe essentials for women. It was created to be serve as a guide for the ladies in case they want to make a fresh start by updating their closets and getting rid of old trashy clothes. Stick to the basic everyone!

1. Basic Black Dress
2. Trench Coat
3. Dress Pants
4. Classic Shirt
5. Jeans
6. Any Occasion Top
7. Skirt
9. Jacket
10. Sweatsuit Alternative
Bonus: One Item of Indulgence

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look Who's On Diet

I am making this post to help a few friends who asked about how did I trim down. Hopefully, it will also help some of you ladies who are wanting to drop a little more weight.

My Advice: Eat everything in the plate expect for 1 & 1/2 part of whole skinless hainanese chicken legs.

Two months ago, I noticed that it became hard for me to fit in my favorite skinny jeans and I had bulges. Blame my cravings because I've been ignoring my diet plan for a while. So, I thought about going back to my old eating habit* after seeing my waistline. You know, I am not worried about shopping for a bigger size of jeans. I only need to be watchful in order to avoid health problems in the future.

Breakfast= 1 cup rolled oats + 1 glass of fresh milk
Morning Snack= 2 pcs cookies + water
Lunch= 1 cup of rice + 1 serving of meat/ fish + unlimited vegetable + 1 serving of fruit
Afternoon Snack= 1 slice of white bread with 1 tbsp peanut butter + water
Dinner= 1 cup of rice + 1 serving of meat/ fish + unlimited vegetable + a small portion of dessert
Before Bedtime Snack (optional)= 1 glass of fresh milk or 2 pcs biscuits and water

Feel free to personalize this diet plan in depending on your goal. Remember, you may only reduce the amount of carbohydrates. From one cup of rice, you can reduce to a half. Instead of white bread, eat some kind of a wheat bread. Don't increase the meat and fish servings or the dessert portion. And, when I say unlimited vegetables, it means you can eat any vegetables you like esp. the green and leafy ones. They are the best to a healthy diet. Also, drink plenty of water to keep yourself properly hydrated and do some exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday.

I believe dieting shouldn't feel like food deprivation or some sort of sacrifice. You can still eat your favorite cake or enjoy a soda, but please take everything in small portions. You can do your diet from Monday to Friday. Just leave Saturdays and Sundays as your cheat days. Happy dieting!

*This is my personal diet routine. It is still best to see a doctor or dietician if you want to make a healthy diet plan for yourself.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What to do with frenemies?

In this very competitive world, it is common for women to have a frenemy. She could be a girl from the same neighborhood, office, or organization. Just be very careful 'cause she can lift you up with her challenging moves, but she can also push you down with her unkind behavior.

Honestly, I have one frenemy. At first, I couldn't believe it. I said, Oh my! What did I do wrong? Why does she try to put me down? You know, I considered her as a best-friend and trusted her half of my life until I had enough of her love and hate. I mean, one day for example, she'll give me positive compliments while enjoying in a party together. The next day, she'll tell me hurtful remarks about my fashion ensemble and insult me with a nickname or something. So hello! Do you think I don't recognize you and the things you are doing to me?

Frenemies have different motives and they come in different forms. Some of them are plain unkind and self-centered individuals, others are just jealous rivals. It's up to you if you'll allow them to destroy you, though. Like I said, they can be very discouraging. You don't have to confront them about what they do to you. I know, they won't admit that easy. If they start to annoy you, the best thing to do is to avoid them.

Personally, I will never allow frenemies to ruin my life. In my 30 years of existence, I had enough share of bullying and all sorts of pain. Sometimes, I just laugh at them and even feel pity for them. Yes, at one time, they struck me and made me shut myself in a room and cry. But I swear, most of the time, they made me stronger and braver. One should fight back and protect herself, right?

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My First Time at Wensha Spa

I have visited a few salons and spas, but never been to a sauna for a massage, steam bath and the like. A couple of weekends ago, hubby suddenly thought of spending a night to pamper ourselves. Together with brother-in-law and his gf, we drove from Boni to Makati, looking for a sauna/spa center, until we reached Pasay where Wensha Spa is.

Wensha Spa is always crowded on weekends. A lot of customers flock their place because of the very affordable sauna and massage services they offer with free buffet meal and hot pot for only P680 (less than $20). When we arrived at the spa that weekend around 10:30 PM, we were told to wait for a short while 'cos they ran out of towels. By 11 PM, we were already at the hi-techlocker room, changing clothes, and getting ready for the jacuzzi. Err, I call the locker hi-tech because the locks can be activated by their designated watches that customers are required to wear during the entire stay.

Moving on, one funny thing about our first time at Wensha was when my BIL's gf and I wore swimsuits for the jacuzzi. Well, she suggested we take swimsuits with us and I agreed. We didn't know that Wensha Spa doesn't allow any form of clothing for the sauna rooms and jacuzzi. Whew! The reason why the rest of the girls were giving us weird glances until an employee came to tell us the rule. Hahaha!

Taking a shower is a must before dipping the hot and cold tubs. After the shower, we slowly immersed ourselves in the hot jacuzzi, just chatting while watching the big screen. Then, we tried the dry sauna for 10 minutes and dipped to the hot water right after. The steam bath was our last stop. We did not expect it to be very strong. We ended up staying in there for only 3 minutes! We could've tried the cold jacuzzi after the steam bath, but the boys already called us so we rushed to the shower and off we went to join them for eating.

The buffet table was filled with Chinese food. They had soup, salad, fish, beef, rice, noodles, and vegetable on their menu. I only liked the noodles best. I went to the buffet table twice for it. Though we saw other people enjoying the hot pot, we did not bother to try it ourselves. Personally, I was afraid I won't like it and pay P300 for leftover (part of the rule) 'cause my idea of a Chinese hotpot includes seafood, different kinds of mushrooms and balls, wantons and dumplings. Yeah I know, one cannot expect a lot from a P680 spa package, right?

My favorite part of the entire experience is the one hour massage which we had after a short rest. Covered in towels and wearing only the spa shorts, I was given a very relaxing medium massage using mineral oil. Since it was already midnight, I couldn't help my eyes but sleep. The kind lady woke me up when she was done just to ask if I needed stretching, I said no, signed her receipt for my tip, then tried sleeping again. If not because of the cold temperature and the Chinese lullaby at the massage room, I guess we stayed some more to doze off. We left around 1:30 AM even they say customers are allowed to stay a maximum of 6 hours to enjoy the package they signed for.

Final Verdict:
We all liked our first sauna visit at Wensha Spa. Besides the awkward nudity, their service wasn't bad at all. I must admit I got a little worried about the hole in the jacuzzi which caused an incident in that establishment to be featured in ABS-CBN's XXX before. However, judging from our recent experience, I think we might visit Wensha Spa again.

WENSHA SPA (Open 24/7)
CCP Complex, Pasay City
Tel: 832-0515

NOTE: This post was originally published in my old blog,, dated October 10, 2010.