Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Victor Ortega: The Most Affordable Salon and Spa in the Metro

Who disagreed with Kris Aquino when she said that Filipino women are vain when it comes to hair? I guess nobody 'cause what she said is absolutely true! Thanks to Victor Ortega. More and more Pinays in and around Mandaluyong get to enjoy a discounted hair rebonding service these days.

The salon from across the street.

The interior with some stylists already working.

Many people, men, women and even celebrities, are attracted by this salon and spa with its very affordable service. They offer rebonding to digital perming, manicure and pedicure to paraffin waxing.

I first heard of this place from old officemates. They were talking about hair rebonding in only P1000 (less than $25). I was intrigued and later visited the place to try. My first rebonding from Victor Ortega Salon came out nicely. I had no complains, so I visited them again for the same treatment last week. I will do a separate post for that. For the meantime, check my first rebonding experience HERE.


  1. I should try this hair salon; it's just near our place. Where exactly in Mandaluyong is this? By the way, next time you see us (mommy bloggers) in events, don't hesitate to approach us. Mababait naman kami!

  2. wow thats a good price.. saan yan banda sis?

  3. I had my hair done in VO on August 1 sis and it still looks good. I'm planning to maintain it with them. I'll probably visit them again after half a year. Very affordable noh? Ü

  4. Hello Mrs. Kolca! :)

    I am still torn whether to get my hair rebonded or permed. But I have a few more months to think about it, since I have yet to grow my hair a bit longer.

    BTW, this new blog is fantabulous!

  5. waaaaaaa...ang taray...my gosh...ang mura nga sis...I had my hair re-bonded when we visited the Philippines last January sa Cebu...and I paid 6k...waaaaa...sayang!...lol!

  6. This is the very same branch where we go for rebonding! I prefer either the senior stylists, Ara or Aya. Some of the others look snobby kasi. :)

  7. wow! parang the interior looks nice =)

  8. last 2009 sa may kalentong ako nagpagawa ang ganda ng results sobrang happy ako,,,masasabi ko na the best talaga...kahapon may 7 sa boni branch nila nag assist sakin ang grupo ng senior stylist n tribal,,,,1000 plus permanent cello at 1200...grabe ngayong umaga kulot kulot ang mga ends ang batok s buhok kulot...permanent color nila walang kulay as in...nagpa manicure pedicure ako sugat sugat ang paa at kamay ko,,,,im not satisfied with the results,,,sa una lang maganda dahil bago pa sila,,,i dont know what happen kasi kumulot talaga

  9. tomorrow is a make over day kasi sa sunday binyag ng anak ko. need to look new hehehe nee to go to parlor :)

  10. pede po ask ok pa ba mg pa rebond sa victor ortega salon ngyon ? base po kz sa mga nbsa ko nung 2009 puro mggnda feedback pero ngyon 2011 medyo my negtve na?.... baka po mu mron kau latest ngyon reg sa salon? balak ko sana eh so im looking na mura pero mgnda result... tnx po

  11. hi po ask ko lng po kung ok pa ba mg prebond ngyon sa victor ortega salon ? kasi im planning po sana im looking na mura at maganda result... my mga nbsa po kz ako about the salon nung 2009 puro good feedback po pro ngyon 2011 prang my mga negative na po kz...hingi lng po ng latest info reg. sa rebonding nila at san pb mas mgnda sa boni or kalentong po..salmt po

  12. Do they have other branches? Mandaluyong's a little far from our place. =(

  13. sa boni at kalentong lang alam kong branch nila..

    Nakapagparebond na ako dito twice, and by this year is my 3rd time, with my officemates hahaha papa early sched na kami for dec hahaha with senior stylist try ko si miles/ara/aya, last year kasi sakin yung gay.. jr lang ata kaya hindi ako ganun ka satisfied, but still I want their Salon to touch my Hair.. hahahaha

  14. V.O is very near my place, but I haven't tried their services yet.

  15. good day ahmmm tnong ko lang po kung magkano po ung digi perm dito. pasgot po asap thnks! :)

    1. Hi! It was P1500++ from the old price list. You can view my separate post here:


      Better yet, call them for inquiries.


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