Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trying Pesco-Vegetarianism

The practice of diet including fish and seafood is called pescetarianism or pesco-vegetarianism. Like lacto-ovo vegetarians, pesco-vegetarians do not eat pork, chicken and beef. Both vegetarians eat eggs, cheese and other dairy products aside from grains and vegetables, so seafood is the only difference between the two.

For almost a week already, I consumed mostly rice, eggs, milk, vegetables, and seafood. No meat is included in my menu, which means, I am like a pesco-vegetarian now. Sounds a little crazy, but can be rewarding in the end.

I know surviving each week with the absence of chicken or beef won't be easy. What I am planning to do is to skip all meat recipes during weekdays, then add them all back on weekends. That would be like cheat days for Saturdays and Sundays in order not to miss the meaty taste the entire dieting experience.

Hey, I made a very delicious pesco-vegetarian breakfast the other day. Click HERE for the recipe.

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  1. ohh wow so am a lacto ovo vegetarian is it ? info for me !! so how is it being a vegetarian...

  2. naku.. carnivorous yung mga taohan ko dito ... kung ako lang kahit pure vegan.. kaya ko.. pero yung nag-aaral ako sa college sis. lacto-ovo yung diet sa MVC.. nakasurvive ako ng 3 years.. hahaha.. yung tokwa parang swelas ng sapatos...hehehe..

  3. anu kaya lasa nyang green na parang stalk? lagi ko kasi yan nakikita sa photos ng friends ko fb.


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