Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moving on After Being Dumped

How do you deal with a break up? More than 5 years ago, someone broke my heart like no one else did. It was the worst and devastating feeling. I had to cry myself to sleep a thousand times and pretend like nothing happened the next morning. In my experience, forgiving was easy, but forgetting was the hardest.

I didn't have to cut my hair nor tour around the world just like the character of Julia Roberts in the movie Eat Pray Love in order to forget, though. I just had to follow the following steps to get over it.

1. Resign. Teaching requires so much passion dealing with lesson plans, slow learners, complaining parents and the like. So, to avoid more stress and depression, I had to quit my job as a teacher somewhere in the Global City of Taguig.

2. Move. I used to live with my siblings. The decision to move on my own materialized after that major heartache. Moving helped me forget my previous routine, my old life. Going home to a new place and new neighborhood did the trick and it helped a lot.

3. Get a new job. I was immediately hired as a customer service assistant for a cable company a month after I bade goodbye to my teaching job. While on probation, I said YES to all the opportunities in line with my job in order to forget more. Plus, I got to meet new people.

4. Enjoy more freedom by going out of the comfort zone. Shouted at the top of my lungs in a scary ride at the amusement park. Walked from one city to the other while talking and laughing over crazy things with friends. Watched a live performance of a local artist together with some officemates. Went for shopping spree in a mall. All of those thing made me realize that dreaming a lot (for that specific person) made me miss lots of fun too.

5. Date again and be happier. Why wait for that specific day to forget if you can start by knowing someone new? And so, I started dating both online and offline. The offline did not work, but the online became perfect. That is why I am now happily married with a very adorable kid. Thanks God. Amazing things happened before that year ended.

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  1. so true sis. forgiving is easy. but once you remember the pain, if you have not moved on with your life yet, you again begin to hate that person

  2. Nice topic sis. Siguro I would follow the same steps kung nangyari sakin ang ganun. Iba lang ang story natin pero parehong happy ending naman dahil we found our perfect match. :)

  3. great topic girl! can I request for a new topic? how about being happy again after death separated u & ur partner? huhuhu!

  4. I did that too :) And it is effective!


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