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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monique Lhuillier Makes Me Want To Say "I DO" Again

My beach wedding over one year ago was not a perfect one, yet it was memorable and worth celebrating every year. Still wishing I can say "I DO" the second time around in a grand way, though. Haha. My ambitious thoughts again. But wait, check this gorgeous bridal gown first before blaming me!

I saw this very beautiful embroidered satin organza bridal dress from Monique Lhuillier's Spring 2011 Bridal Collection. I love it because it is ivory and not too white. Plus, it is strapless with draped bodice trumpet silhouette. So so beautiful with the cascading butterflies too!

I know I can't afford to buy a very expensive dress like Monique Lhullier's. Good thing there are Filipino designers and couturiers working locally, who can at least make something in resemblance.

Take a look at the dress again and tell me. Who wouldn't dream of marching the aisle wearing this designer piece? So exquisite, right?

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  1. wow!fantastic wedding gown! wanna wear something like that on my wedding day!hehe:))

  2. i heard from the grapevine that regine velasquez gown would be a m.lhuillier's creation...hope her marriage would last that long.

  3. i love a mermaid cut gown! my wedding gown was one =)

  4. My biggest regret on our wedding is that I didn't go for the wedding dress style that I want. I thought it wouldn't matter, but it did. Given the chance to get married again, I'd get something as beautiful as this one. But maybe not a mermaid cut, I don't have a body for that :P


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