Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ideal Bag for the Season: Suede Hobo Bag

Calling all the stylish ladies out there! How will you rock this classic hobo bag for the fall*?

This red suede hobo bag could be paired with a nice pair of shoes of the same color. A hippie skirt may go with it also. Hmmm.. you might have a better idea. Tell me about it.

Leave a comment on this post together with your email addy and answer to my question. How will you rock this classic hobo bag for the fall? You might win yourself this red hobo bag and prove your talent in fashion.

Don't forget to follow this blog in case you're not a follower yet. Being a follower makes your comment a valid entry. One entry person only, so please drop your comment just once.

This giveaway is open internationally. Deadline to enter is October 25, 2010. The winner will be chosen through and announced the same day on this very same post.

Other readers are also encouraged to enter this giveaway, by merely clicking the LIKE button of this blog's Facebook page, sharing the link of this giveaway and tagging Pink Magaline.

Congratulations to ALEXEE. Please contact me soon on how to redeem your prize. Till my next giveaway ladies. Muah!

*I was reading a certain fashion blog while finishing this post. Haha. We don't have fall in the Philippines. Sorry for that.


  1. I would rock this bag with a black pencil skirt,mid sleeve black button up sweater and red mary Jane mid size heels!
    I am thinking super hero comic book look!

  2. Ooh, very pretty. We don't have fall in the Philippines, but with that bag, I'd probably wear a blue and white plaid blouse with 3/4 sleeve, dark blue jeans, and white sneakers, just so the color of the bag pops out of my ensemble. :)

  3. I would match this cool hobo bag with a dress since I'm currently pregnant. I will probably match it with a blue, white or black mini dress or any contrast colored dress and match it with a pair of red pointed shoes. For casual wear I would prefer to have this bag with my plain fitted white shirt paired with a denim short shorts with red belt. I can do a lot of things with this pretty hobo bag, like, I can tie a scarf to make it a two-toned bag and match it to any outfit I wish to wear.

  4. Joining again and hoping to win this time!

    Assuming we have fall season, or let's just say for the cold Ber months, I'll still have the simple yet comfy combination of denim pants with a long sleeve cotton tee for the top. I'll probably have it white then put on a statement necklace with the same color as the bag. A pair of high heeled shoes or boots would do. :-)


  5. I'll pair this bag with a red boots and curvy pants


  6. all black outfit: turtle neck top, knee-high flare skirt, dolly platforms

    accessories of the same color as the bag: thin belt, bangles, one or two long bead necklaces

  7. yay for such a pretty red plain bag.. this baby will match anything and everthing.. since im a fan of jeans.. i would love to pair this with any dark shade of jeans (i prefer straight-cut or skinny!!!) and to top it with white shirts plus a wedge or white flats (casual wear)
    /or a maxi dress in white and navy blue stripes and navy blue flats.. sorry there is no fall season in the philippines =(

    hugs and kisses

  8. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485. I'd wear the bag with a deep blue singlet, over a long silk wrap skirt with jewel-toned colours in it like red, blue, green, purple and orange. I'd finish it off with brown leather sandals and a couple of bright coloured beaded necklaces.

    Kate1485 at

  9. nice bag sis! simple lang saken sis, i will pair this red suede hobo bag with my white denim short & offshoulder top & red wedge shoes, cute diba?

    Goodluck sa give away mo sis! love you:-) MWAAHHHH:-)

  10. so pretty in red bag sis! i love it! I want to pair it with my colorful flowery maxi dress which has a red color and design in it with matching red wedge shoes or I'm gonna pair it with my skinny white jeans or leggings paired with my off shoulder blouse with matching huge red belt and red wedge shoes.

    Thanks sis and congrats to your give away!

    Best regards,


  11. I will wear it with my white shorts, a red body hugging top, white flats with my hair tied up on a ponytail...This look will surely ROCK!!!


  12. i ll wear this , with red cardigan and white tank top, ankle boots, black legging. :)
    simple style for fall season

  13. What a pretty bag!

    I love wearing shorts so for me, it would be a red shorts, white collared top with sleeves (long or 3/4) and my white wedges.

    frances dot nicole at ymail dot com

  14. Sista, so pretty in skinny jeans with white top and red stilleto... ohhhh.. with jackie-O shades... ahahaha....

    very lovely..

    vlyluga at gmail dot com

  15. aha, I'll rock this classic hobo bag for fall with black cardigan and white tank, jeans,black high-heeled boots, and red hoop-earrings.

  16. I joined sis...and have posted it on my Shopping Reviews blog....:)

    my first entry for October.....heheehhe!

  17. i can wear that with my white short pants and backless baby pink top and at night time, i can wear that with my skinny pants and a black tube top or black sexy top.

  18. sorry i forgot to leave my email add.

    so, here's my email add:

    katherine_1128 at yahoo dot com

  19. i love this hobo. I LOVE REDS. maybe i can glam it up w/ my dark cropped pants, an off-shoulder gray top w/ metallic studs,and for accessories; a black gladiator wedge, drop waist slim black belt w/ metallic studs as well, AND A PLAID RED SCARF to complement the monotones.

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  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. i would rock this out with a fitted aviator jacket, fitted tailored shorts with patterned sheer black tights and brogues or military boots :P might even go for some wine coloured knee socks to tie in with the bag..
    hair kept simple, down and wavy to add to that edgy feel... beautiful and creative as i felt that day :) but the lips would have to be a matching deep red... that would be amazing :)


  23. I don't have bag in red and I'm a big fan of hobo bag!
    I would love to rock that with a black vest and body fitting white shirt,skinny jeans,black-heeled short boots.Hair must be up and with dangling earring^_^


  24. Red is my favorite color so I will rock this classic hobo bag with black boots, black shorts and black baby tee.

  25. We don't have fall hear in the Philippines, but if I have a red hobo bag like this, I would rock it by pairing it with a white long sleeved turtle-neck sweater worn with a black vest, black pleated mini-skirt worn with black stockings and a pair of sexy leather boots; finishing it off with fall make-up and minimal accessories. :)

    email me at:

    Hope you like my coordinate.. :)


    Much love,
    enchi :3

  26. hi, I followed you already!
    I have an irritating love for all things red! So I will rock this red hobo bag with my white blouse and denim pants, ultra-red shoes and accessorize with my red bangles and earrings! Just thinking of how it will look makes me happy already! :)

    here's my email addy:

  27. With some skinny jeans and a Black boyfriend jacket!
    Some kicky ankle boots too!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  28. I'll match it with a plain black blouse & shorts,red belt & red shoes....develish look....hehe!

  29. I'm a hobo at heart, so well cut jeans and a rock t-shirt. On the plus side, the bag will be the star of the show!

    michelle at hoot hoot dot me

  30. Skinny jeans, high black boots, white top, black vest and long red scarf

  31. Black skinny jeans, black suede peeptoe wedge boots, my new TEAM ERIC tshirt...with the perfect accessory - a red hobo bag!

  32. This classic hobo bag will look divine with high heels and that little black dress of mine.

  33. I will rock this hobo bag with tight jeans or 3/4 jeans and tight red/black blouse which is backless and pair with a boots or high heels sandals with straps up to my leg. And because it is fall season, I'll match it maong jacket. It will look better if my hair is tightly tie up..hehe

  34. Hey I want one...where can I buy and how much???? Pls :)

  35. @Ztik: I got this bag from Robinson's Dept. Store. I am not sure tho if they still carry the same item.


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