Thursday, September 30, 2010

Before and After Victor Ortega Salon Rebonding

I knew I will be requested to post before and after photos of a rebonded hair from Victor Ortega Salon and Spa. Here they are ladies!

from wavy hair to silky straight..

Actually, this is my friend who agreed to be my model for a day. I told her about the salon and how cheap their services are, that's why she came to the salon with me to get her first rebonding experience. In India, her home country, rebonding costs as high as gold. So, there you go. Thanks Victor Ortega for making my friend's hair so beautiful and modelish. I can say her old hair was nice, but her new hair is so much better.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monique Lhuillier Makes Me Want To Say "I DO" Again

My beach wedding over one year ago was not a perfect one, yet it was memorable and worth celebrating every year. Still wishing I can say "I DO" the second time around in a grand way, though. Haha. My ambitious thoughts again. But wait, check this gorgeous bridal gown first before blaming me!

I saw this very beautiful embroidered satin organza bridal dress from Monique Lhuillier's Spring 2011 Bridal Collection. I love it because it is ivory and not too white. Plus, it is strapless with draped bodice trumpet silhouette. So so beautiful with the cascading butterflies too!

I know I can't afford to buy a very expensive dress like Monique Lhullier's. Good thing there are Filipino designers and couturiers working locally, who can at least make something in resemblance.

Take a look at the dress again and tell me. Who wouldn't dream of marching the aisle wearing this designer piece? So exquisite, right?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Victor Ortega: The Most Affordable Salon and Spa in the Metro

Who disagreed with Kris Aquino when she said that Filipino women are vain when it comes to hair? I guess nobody 'cause what she said is absolutely true! Thanks to Victor Ortega. More and more Pinays in and around Mandaluyong get to enjoy a discounted hair rebonding service these days.

The salon from across the street.

The interior with some stylists already working.

Many people, men, women and even celebrities, are attracted by this salon and spa with its very affordable service. They offer rebonding to digital perming, manicure and pedicure to paraffin waxing.

I first heard of this place from old officemates. They were talking about hair rebonding in only P1000 (less than $25). I was intrigued and later visited the place to try. My first rebonding from Victor Ortega Salon came out nicely. I had no complains, so I visited them again for the same treatment last week. I will do a separate post for that. For the meantime, check my first rebonding experience HERE.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moving on After Being Dumped

How do you deal with a break up? More than 5 years ago, someone broke my heart like no one else did. It was the worst and devastating feeling. I had to cry myself to sleep a thousand times and pretend like nothing happened the next morning. In my experience, forgiving was easy, but forgetting was the hardest.

I didn't have to cut my hair nor tour around the world just like the character of Julia Roberts in the movie Eat Pray Love in order to forget, though. I just had to follow the following steps to get over it.

1. Resign. Teaching requires so much passion dealing with lesson plans, slow learners, complaining parents and the like. So, to avoid more stress and depression, I had to quit my job as a teacher somewhere in the Global City of Taguig.

2. Move. I used to live with my siblings. The decision to move on my own materialized after that major heartache. Moving helped me forget my previous routine, my old life. Going home to a new place and new neighborhood did the trick and it helped a lot.

3. Get a new job. I was immediately hired as a customer service assistant for a cable company a month after I bade goodbye to my teaching job. While on probation, I said YES to all the opportunities in line with my job in order to forget more. Plus, I got to meet new people.

4. Enjoy more freedom by going out of the comfort zone. Shouted at the top of my lungs in a scary ride at the amusement park. Walked from one city to the other while talking and laughing over crazy things with friends. Watched a live performance of a local artist together with some officemates. Went for shopping spree in a mall. All of those thing made me realize that dreaming a lot (for that specific person) made me miss lots of fun too.

5. Date again and be happier. Why wait for that specific day to forget if you can start by knowing someone new? And so, I started dating both online and offline. The offline did not work, but the online became perfect. That is why I am now happily married with a very adorable kid. Thanks God. Amazing things happened before that year ended.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hot Pink Nokia C3-00 Review

I am now a proud owner of C3, the Nokia unit which I call the ultimate cellphone for pink lovers. I used to have Nokia E63, but hubby took it from me when he broke his old phone. In exchange, he gave me cash to buy C3. Yay!

My new phone together with the stuffed toy which I got for free from buying The Fossil Charm Watch.

If you are planning to buy the same model, please continue reading to get some ideas on how it is like.

1. Design- C3 is available in three colors: Slate Grey, Hot Pink and Golden White. Of course, you know which color I had to choose. It is the main reason why I bought it, anyway. Two more good things about C3's design are its weight and QWERTY keyboard. Very easy to carry and navigate. The only thing that I hate about it is the clicking sound of the keyboard. It doesn't go even you turn off the keypad tone. Grrr!

2. Hardware- This phone has a maximum talk time up to 7 hours, 800 hours in stand by mode, so I don't have to worry about charging every now and then. How nice is that?

3. Software & Applications- C3 has all the basic features that people usually need: calendar, to-do list, notes, recorder, calculator, clock and converter. Plus, it also allows the user to have a detailed contact information.

4. Communications- It has an easy access to email and other popular POP/IMAP services, instant messaging through Windows Live Messenger™, Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk™ and Ovi Chat. Like other phones, there are SMS, MMS and Nokia Xpress audio messaging. On the other hand, my favorite feature under communication is the conversational SMS for chat-style text messages. So cool!

5. Sharing & Internet- User can do web browsing of real web pages and get easy access of communities on home screen with live feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

6. Photography- This is my least favorite feature. The 2 MP camera should be enough to make a perfect camera photo, but it has no flash. Boo!

7. Video- I don't have anything much to say about this feature too, except about my daughter who enjoys the videos that I took for her.

8. Music & audio- I don't use this feature a lot. I can only enjoy the ringtones that I got from my old phone through bluetooth transfer.

9. Gaming- This phone includes 4 games. My ever favorite is Diamond Rush. One may always find me playing it during spare time or before sleeping. Love love love.

10. Environmental features- The unplug charger reminder is awesome and really helps me to save energy.

11. Price- Reasonable at P7,100 (more or less $158).

NOTE: This post was originally published in my old blog,, dated Sept 2, 2010.