Friday, July 16, 2010

Victoria's Secret Pink Collection

Victoria's Secret Pink Collection, the collection designed for college girls and young women, has a lot to offer aside from sexy lingerie and sleepwear.

They have gorgeous tops, tees, tanks, and hoodies like this.

Chic bags, luggage, and totes like this.

Stylish shoes, sandals, and flip flops like this.

Lotions, colognes, and fragrances like these.

And comfy pillows, sheets, and comforters like these.

So, wanna get something from the collection for free? Time to enter for a chance to win this Victoria's Secret Pink tee.

Leave a comment on this post together with your email and answer to one of these questions. Who is your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel? What Victoria Secret fragrance do you like the most? Do you often shop for Victoria's Secret lingerie?

Don't forget to follow this blog in case you're not a follower yet. Being a follower makes your comment a valid entry. One entry person only, so please drop your comment just once.

This giveaway is open internationally

.Deadline to enter is August 13, 2010. The winner will be chosen through and announced the same day on this very same post.

Sorry ladies. Time is up. I have another giveaway coming, so try your luck again next time.

Congratulations NICQUEE!!!

You are given only 72 hours or 3 days to respond or else I'll have to pick another winner.

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Note: This is not a sponsored giveaway.


  1. Of course I'm in:) When I lived in the States I bought a lot of VS lingerie, about one time each month. Now I can't since there are not Victoria Secrets in my country:/

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  3. I'm a follower and my favorite angel is Adriana Ambrossio

    thi fas blog(at ) g mail (dot ) com

  4. Hi sis join din ako, nice pink tee!
    My Favorite Victoria Secret fragrance i like the most is " Tease Eau De Parfum"

    Goodluck on your give away! Sana manalo ako hahahaha:-)

  5. Hubby got me addicted to VS, he spoils me with different products of VS once may occasion.

    -I love their Dream Angels Divine both parfum and lotion.
    -My favorite is Adriana Lima.
    -Yup, I like their bras and undies.

    A follower and you can contact me at
    Yay, goodluck to me lol. Thanks for letting me know sis.

  6. I am follower sherry
    I like the angel Alessandra Ambrosic, very pretty.:D
    I like Vanilla lace scent.
    I seldom shop for lingerie because VS is blogger selling online here and the size not suit me.

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  7. I love this collection because I love pink! :D

    My favorite angel is Heidi Klum.

    I hope I win. Thanks for these giveaways :D

  8. I'm a follower and here's my e-mail add:
    I do love VS!My fave angel is Adriana Lima and my fave scent is tease eau de parfum but haven't tried any of their lingeries yet.I'll try to shop on-line one of these days.

    Good luck to your giveaway dear!^_^

  9. Yey to pink-ness!!!

    I am definitely in!

    Follower? Checked!

    Favorite VS Angel? Alessandra Ambrosio.

    Favorite VS Fragrance? Strawberries & Champagne.

    My email addie is:

    Thanks in advance for this great giveaway!♥

  10. i am a follower of your blog.
    my fave would heidi klum.
    i now and then shop at victoria secrets not often.
    username- ks sn

  11. Definitely I'm joining even though I'm not much of a VS fan (wala kasi yata VS store dito) but i do have some fragrances that my friends from the US gave me..

    Who is your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel? I dont have favorite...

    What Victoria Secret fragrance do you like the most? I have dream angels desire, lovespell body spray and lotion, and i forgot the other one, parang honey yata yun.. i love them all..

    Do you often shop for Victoria's Secret lingerie? No because there's no VS store near our place =(

    im already a follower =) email me directly through my phone hebazu.611[at}

  12. Hi Sis, Thanks for inviting me to join your lovely and amazing give away.

    - my favorite angel is the ever gorgeous and sexy Heidi Klum.

    - My favorite scent is the Very Sexy Hot Eau de Parfum Spray

    - I actually haven't tried shopping online Victoria's Secret lingerie because my mom usually sent a VS lingerie package as a gift for me.

    I'm your new follower of your lovely blog. - kayeshayne

    and here's my email add: kayeshayne21 at yahoo dot com

    thanks and good luck to me... LOL!

  13. Hey girlie, I love the Pink fragrance. I love all the models but Heidi is one of my favs.

  14. hello sis..thanks again for inviting me..heheh sarap nitong pink na contest mo..i so lurve Victoria secret.

    I am already your follower sis.

    My favorite VS angel is Miranda Kerr...she is fresh and I like her eyes.

    I like "So In Love" Spray because i like its smell and it is my very first VS fragrance given by hubby.

    To the 3rd question, I haven't bought even a single lingerie from VS yet even though hubby asked me once..medyo nmamahalan pa ako..hindi pa kaya ng blogging

    Thank again for hosting another contest sis..good luck to all.

  15. I am joining! :-)

    I am already a follower...
    My favorite VS Angel would be Adraina Lima! She is such a gorgeous gal....

  16. I follow! :)
    My favorite is Adriana Lima and I shop there all the time for bra's and underwear!! :)

    maireloves at gmail dot com

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  18. I am a new public follower via GFC - Danielle P. :)

    I love Victoria's Secret Lingerie - it's the best out there =D

  19. Blog follower: Ladymishel
    I love VS Dream Angels Halo and my favorite Angel is Adriana Lima

    I put the photo and link of this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog

    email: michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com

  20. Daiane Negretti
    follower: Daya, muito prazer

    -I live both Dream Angels Divine
    -My favorite is Alessandra.
    -I love their bras.

    Posted here:

  21. My follower name is Cannaria. I`m daily using Victoria's Secret body cream and fragrance. I`m using one of the Secret Garden collection: Love Spell. It`s smells so nice and sweet, and I bet every girl use it, everyone come attracted!

    My favorite Angel is Miranda Kerr! She has a very sweet face and angelic eyes!

    thanks for the chance!

  22. I love VS. Especially the sale promo, unfortunately, nakikipabili lang ako sa friends kung magbabakasyon sila dito satin. :(

    Who is your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel? Hands down, Karolina Kurkova.

    Name: Rea

  23. buy all of the lovespell line!

  24. publicly follow gfc

  25. GFC
    fave: love spell
    deannalw47 @

  26. My favourite angel is Heidi Klum of course! And I do shop at Victoria secret but we yet to have on in Ontario...we will soon!! So this means no more driving to the states for my VS fix haha

  27. I follow.....dor
    I love the The Fragrance Eau de Parfum Spray.
    Awesome giveawy.
    Trying to find a link to subscribe by email.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  28. I'm in :D

    Blog follower: - Gates.
    My favorite VS Angel is Heidi Klum.


  29. hi,I would love to participate in this giveaway,I'm your follower through Google Friend Connect..

    My fav fragrance from victoria's is Tease Eau De Parfum :)

    email me :)

    thankies for helding this sweet giveaway

  30. Hey,

    I'm following you,
    my e-mail is:

    And my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel is Gisele Bündchen

  31. Hi! Pleas count me in! ^^
    I´m a new follower
    Username: Diana

    Q. Who is your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel? Heidi Klum, she is a great model and seems to be a good person too.. :P

    I think that's all!
    Wish me luck and thanx for this wonderful giveaway!

  32. Nice one Mrs. Kolca love your contest giveaways!

    Im a follower through Google friend connect.

    My Fav cologne and body wash are lovespell and vanilla.

    My fave VS Model is Tyra Banks (im her fan too)

    Most of my recent VS products were given by friends and relatives abroad.

    Hope to have one from you! Im excited!

    email me at

    Godbless your blogging journey...

  33. Hi Jinkz, thanks for inviting me. I don't know any of the victoria secret angels. I got to try some of their fragrances before (when I was in Phil) because my Aunt who's from U.S. love it that she sent me VS spray and lotions. Now you gave me idea to think on buying some of their fragrances one of these days (still saving). The VS spray that I won't forget the smell is the one labeled with Secret Crush on it. I love it's fragrance and it has peony and peach smell in it. I hunger for it's flavor coz we don't have peony or a real peach before when I lived in Philippines. But now, I got peony in my garden and eat peaches :) So I still remember that VS fragrance whenever I encounter the scent of the peony and peach. I haven't tried their real lingeries but there was that one instant that I wore one when the hospital offered a free lingerie (sponsored by VS) after my labor. I'll try looking one of these days.

    contact me at
    your follower Mel Cole

  34. Hi Mrs. Kolca (ang fomal naman,heheh)... at last I have posted mine ....

    been a follower.
    blogged it here:

    Sorry sis diko kilala yung mga angels.. heheh
    Tapos yung lingerie, its too sexy for me.. besides its too mahal... LOL..

    ito nalang....
    What Victoria Secret fragrance do you like the most?
    I actually don't buy one, kasi mahal nga the cologne ranges from 600-700... pero glad I have a cousin who works in Duty Free kaya naambunan kami .. yung fave ko yung cologne na sandalwood of all the collections of different colors and scents ... kasi di bastusin yung amoy hahahah...

    All the Best Sis.. Have a Nice Time!

    vlyluga at gmail dot com

  35. my favorite scent is endless love. my email is frances dot nicole at ymail dot com

    nice giveaway!

  36. Miranda Kerr is my favorite angel.


  37. I LOVE LOVE LOVE love spell! My favorite scent of all time !

    sturberry @

  38. I'm in!

    I'm a follower and my email addie is sm_yboa@,

    My favorite Victoria's Secret Angel is Heidi Klum.

    The Victoria Secret fragrance that I like the most is Blossoming Romance.

    Do I often shop for Victoria's Secret lingerie? Not really 'coz I mostly buy VS Fragrances but I do have a couple of VS undies.

  39. Hello there!
    My favorite Victoria Secret fragrance is Pure Seduction! :)
    My email address is:
    I really hope to win! :)

  40. Hello there!
    My favorite Victoria Secret fragrance is Pure Seduction!
    My email address is
    I really hope to win..Take care and GODBLESS! :)

  41. My Favorite Victoria Secret fragrance is Basic Instinct Coffret

    I am a follower shaima812

  42. hi!i'm a follower (hegles)
    my favourite is
    heidi klum
    hegles at

  43. My fave Victoria's Secret perfume is BODY. I wanted to buy another set (perfume & body lotion) but I can't find one....I think it's a limited edition. I don't buy their lingerie....they don't have my size.....hahahaha!

  44. My favourite angel is Carmen Kass.


  45. This is so cool! Another giveaway, whoot whoot! You rock sis.

    I don't watch Victoria's Secret runway shows but I guess I like Tyra Banks the most. I just love her attitude. I love Victoria's Secret Very Sexy perfume because it's not a popular scent. LOL. I don't shop for Victoria's Secret lingerie because we don't have a VS store yet here in Baguio.

    Lots of love,

  46. I follow via GFC as luckyfinds, enter me please!

    I like Lily Maud Aldridge

    I love Victoria's Secret Love Spell. Its scent is so light and refreshing that find myself loving it every day!

    Haven't tried VS lingerie yet

    emiliana.sison at gmail dot com

  47. Who is your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel?
    Heidi Klum

    *followed you through google connect

  48. hi, the shirt is really nice. I always love VS although too sad i don't have the money to buy all the things i love but i'm lucky to own perfumes, undies and lotion and i so love them. I always like Heidi Klum but i like Gisele Bundchen with all that sexy behind, too sad her contract with VS was already terminated.

    I always love VS Dream Angel Collection specially , Angel Wish.

    already a follower
    melandriaromero(at)gmail (dot)com

  49. Hi thanks for inviting me I just made a post of this contest here ANd yeah I so love victoria secret I had a pink top sando of a victoria secret that i still wore until now. I also love their perfumes one friend from blogging gave it to me but since it cost me much. ANyway i already followed your blog and my email add is thanks

  50. Hello sis, I'm a new follower of your blog!:)

    My VS angel - Alessandra Ambrosio. I like her because she got a similar image of tyra banks!
    MY VS fragrances - I like all dream angels parfums and lotion.
    Shop Online - I haven't tried it, kasi walang VS store dito sa Israel but my sister used to send me VS from the US. My employer used to give me VS products too.
    My email add :

  51. Hi! i'm following your blog and my favorite angel is Heidi Klum.


  52. Hi! I am now a follower.
    My email add is

    My favorite VS Angel is Gisele Bundchen.
    I so love the fragrance of sweet temptation.
    I don't shop VS lingerie but I got some
    from my cousin who comes home from CA.

  53. ♥ My Fave Victoria Secret Angel is : Heidi Klum
    ♥ i love the "Charm"
    ♥ I don't shop VS lingerie but I got some from friends abroad..

    already a follower, (rhain)

  54. you've got me all hot for pink again!

    my favorite victoria's secret angel is heidi klum because she's sexy and beautiful before, during and after pregnancy. she's so cool!

    i'm joining too! thanks!

  55. My favorite angel is the flawless Doutzen Kroes!
    My GFC name is meaculpa115

  56. I follow (follower name is Damla).
    Actually I don't shop for Victoria's Secret lingerie, but I'm really curious about them :)

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  57. I am your current follower (Elena).

    My favorite angel is Heidi Klum.

    I hope I win!

    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  58. Heidi Klum is my favorite. She doesn't seem to grow old!


  59. Hi there! I'm already a follower! :) is my email add..
    My favorite Victoria's Secret Angel is Heidi Klum cos' she's so sexy and hot! hehe

    I don't have a VS cologne but my tita does (Lovespell) and it smells really good :)

    Hope I'd win thanks!

  60. Can'6t wait to claim my winnings lol.. Bumibisita lang sis at nangungulet.

  61. Enter me please! I'm a follower via GFC as Victoria :)

    My favorite VSecret Angel is Heidi Klum, she's perfect!


  62. I am already a follower.

    I like angel Alessandra Ambrosic :)

  63. Hi, I follow you via GFC as joanne.j

    My most favorite Victoria Secret fragrance is Ooh La La™ Eau de Parfum.

    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  64. I love their Dream Angels Divine parfum
    lusizova (at)

  65. followed you sis :D

    that pink tee looks nice, i hope its my size :D
    im not a big fan of VS, but I usually get lotions and perfumes from relatives abroad. I still have to try a lingerie though to see how it fits! But anyway is Heidi Klum a VS angel, if she is then she's my fave. ^^

  66. I am a follower (Min)

    My favorite Victoria's Secret Angel is Heidi Klum

  67. My favourite Victoria Secret fragrance is Love Spell.

  68. I am a fan of Adrianna Lima! She is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!
    styleezta at gmail dot com

  69. I like victoria's secret basic instinct perfume ....Tiffypoot @ (

  70. Hi i'm a follower (wendy)
    I have not own any Victoria's Secret lingerie and would love to buy one soon My favorite Victoria's Secret Angel is Heidi Klum.

    luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

  71. Sayang hindi ako naka abot nito. I love everything about VS..from their fashion shows, bags,perfumes and lip glosses. Pero di ko afford yung bags and clothes nila. =D Mahal kasi. :D


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