Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pink is the Color of Women

Did it start with Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? I don’t know, but I think more and more women get to appreciate the color pink these days. Pink is the color identified by femininity. It signifies the softness and sweetness of the female gender. The color of breast cancer awareness ribbon is also pink. Around the world, there is a large number of perfume brands, lingerie line, clothing line, etc. in pink motif.

a pink issue of COSMO mag with Nicole Scherzinger in the cover
Voice Combo Sandwich in strawberry flavor
Manny Pacquiao's Vitwater in kiwi-strawberry flavor

Not all women like the color pink, though. I myself did not appreciate pink before. Yellow was my favorite color when I was 16, green at 18, red at 20, and brown at 25. These days, I consider white and pink as my favorite color.

My pink craze started after learning that I was pregnant with a baby girl. That time, I was like pink bath tub, pink booties, pink comb, pink almost everything for her. Then, I noticed myself buying pink stuff for myself too, meeting people who are pink fanatics, and taking photos of every cute pink thing I find indoors and outdoors.

Oh hey, I also put up a couple of blogs with pink names. One of which is the one you are reading now. So pinkylicious, right? What do you pink?


  1. hey sis me tooo:-) I Love Pink so bad! hahaha, parehas tau sis nung magbuntis lang ako kay lotte nung nalaman kong girl ang baby ko, panay pink ang mga binibili kong baby items, hanggang sa maadik na talaga ako sa pink hanggang ngayon...favorite color ko dati Black & white, nagrereklamo nga mama ko bakit daw puro black and white lang ang color ng mga damit ko eh, pero ngayon naman puro pink na hahaha:-)

  2. That's so nice, to hear your "pink history", I should make an entry about how I became so pink too :D

  3. If you look at me, you could say that I don't match pink lol but I really love pink. I love pink more when I became a mom of my first daughter :)


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