Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keeping Lifelong Friends

Friends play a big role in our lives. We go to movies or shop with them. We laugh and cry with them. We share over half of our lives with them. Next to our family, they are the ones we turn to whether we're up or down. Young and old, men and women, rich or poor, we all need support from friends.

From L to R: Hervie Fajardo, Edelweiss Tubog, Randolph Manalang, Pamela Binay, and yours truly.

This photo of me and my college friends was taken just last month. We were at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati for the celebration of Pamela's (yes, she is related to Mr. VP!) birthday. I don't meet them very often, just at least twice or three times a year, but I may say that they are some of my good friends.

Like other individuals, I have friends here and there. Aside from my college friends, I also have childhood friends, friends from kindergarten, high school friends, church friends, friends from my previous jobs, blogger friends, etc. I know I need to keep these friends, so here I created a guideline for a long-lasting friendship.

Tips to Maintain a Lifelong Friendship

1. Communicate. This is the number one key for a longer relationship. Always keep in touch. These days, almost everybody is connected through the internet, if not through texting. Sending a greeting or invitation is just a click away, so you seldom miss a friend's birthday or reunion.

2. Be honest. Just because he/she is your friend, it doesn't mean you have to say YES all the time. Always tell the truth and never pretend. If you are not comfortable going to the bar with them, tell them so.

3. Respect your friends. Don't mock them, call them names or use offensive words with them. Remember, you have to give respect in order to gain it back.

4. Be trustworthy. A secret should remain a secret between you and you friends. Don't gossip neither spread rumors about them.

5. Show them you care. Be there for them, listen to them if they have problems and help them get out of trouble. That's what friends are for.


  1. I love and miss my friends back home. I have to make some calls lol

  2. Awww, so sweet of you Jinkz to bring out this tips about friendship. Yeah, bilib talaga ako sayo coz you know how to reach out to people. I thought suplada ka, pero di pala, you show how you care to people like leaving lovely thoughts in my comments. I appreciate that :)

  3. I only have very few true friends but they are friends I can be with whenever I am up or diown.


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