Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Steps to Attractiveness

Already 30, but still single? No boyfriend, lover, whatsoever? There must be something lacking. Try the following tips to make yourself more appealing to the opposite sex.

1. Go for a natural make-up. Most men don't like too much color. Less is always better.

2. Show those natural curls or weaves. No need to put a lot of effort on your hair. Don't even pull them into a ponytail.

3. Avoid dressing too sexy. Anyway, you can't still look attractive without showing a lot of skin.

4. Wear a smile. Smiling shows that you are inviting or approachable. It also helps you bring out your natural glow.

5. Be a good conversationalist. Listen. Wait for your turn. Use positive words. Watch your tone. Be confident.

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  1. pagsikapan kung gawin ...heheheh ... thanks for seeing me sissy... All the best!

  2. Superb tips :) Good reminder for us to keep smiling :)

  3. Hi jinkz :) nice tips you got here. I always have my hair ponytailed though coz it's thick. Hubby was attracted in my pictures with just leaving it hanging and was surprised that I got my hair pony talied when we lived together. lols. Anyway, I got my hair cut last Friday (Hubby took a long time to agree). Cut a 16 inches pony tail and donated it to the Locks of Love where cancer people will have a benefit for it.

  4. thanks for sharing these tips sis ha... laking tulong to sakin :)


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