Thursday, June 03, 2010

Why take vitamins?

There are various kinds of vitamins and dietary supplements these days. Just visit a nearby drugstore and the pharmacists might suggest you more than a dozen of over the counter pills and tablets to choose from. People from infant to old age take vitamins to help them boost their immune system. Babies and young children usually take Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Men and women of middle age take Vitamin E and Calcium. On the other hand, the older generation usually take Vitamin B complex. Personally, I don't like taking pills and capsules unless required by my doctor for medication. I believe that nothing beats the natural way of staying healthy, so instead of taking vitamins or food supplements, I want to try my best in following this guide which I created for the purpose of healthy living.

The 7 Habits to a Healthy Life

1. Eat right. A very good meal should always include a slice of fruit, fiber, colorful vegetables like yellow squash, orange like carrots and tomatoes, and greens like malunggay or ampalaya and the like. Less oil, less meat. Lastly, avoid too much sugar and salt.

2. Drink plenty of water. Take maximum of 12 glasses of water a day to be able to get rid of toxins and help the blood transport nutrients.

3. Sleep well. Spend at least 8 hours a day of sleeping. Take afternoon naps if possible.

4. Exercise. Do some stretching or crunches in the morning at least 30 minutes a day. No time to exercise? Walk briskly. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

5. Avoid bad habits. No alcohol. No caffeine. No smoking. No drugs.

6. De-stress. Enjoy life and be happy. Schedule a trip to the spa with a friend or a weekend getaway with the whole family. No budget? Then just sit down and relax at home while sipping a cup of hot chocolate or reading your favorite book.

7. Visit your doctor for a yearly check up. Staying healthy is very important esp. if you have a spouse and kids to look after.


  1. Hi sis! Love this new blog of yours. I am not into vitamins really. The only time I religiously took them was when I was pregnant. Just last week, I thought it was high time for me to take vitamins seriously. I tried Conzace. Grabe yung side-effects nya. It made me dizzy and nauseous at the same time. Turned out na masyadong mataas dosage ng vitamins nya. Tsk-tsk

    Lots of love,

  2. Im not into vitamin supplements din, lalo na for Anzu.. Im more into natural vitamins at healthy lifestyle, although medyo guilty ako when it comes to it.. pero for our lil darling, kelangan healthy lifestyle sya =)

  3. My day isn't complete din without taking any vitamins, it's more of a supplement for me dahil hindi naman healthy ang mga preserved aircraft food..

  4. how bout the contraceptive pills sis? I am taking it everyday. Natatakot nga ako kasi maraming nagsasabing marami na daw nagkasakit sa ovary because of pills :(


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