Friday, June 25, 2010

Vanity Kit Giveaway

Every girl needs a vanity kit, that tiny purse to keep some cosmetics and other toiletries for personal grooming. Call it a beauty bag, kikay kit or powder bag, it is all we need to look and feel fresh while on the go. Take a peek of my new pink powder bag here. The items that I have inside are listed below.

-red comb
-Max Factor Lash Lift Mascara
-Pond's whitening cream and pearl cream
-hair clamp from What Women Want
-Maybelline press powder
-Maybelline lip gloss
-Holy Seat

I bought this really cute vanity kit from a nearby mall. It was actually love at first sight. The combination of pink and the animal print is just so cute, so I purchased two of them. One for me and one for you! Wait what? Oh yeah, I said it right. I am giving away the other to a one lucky reader.

Enter for a chance to win this pink vanity bag together with two of my favorite Pond's products: facial cream and facial foam.

This giveaway is open internationally. Just leave a comment on this post sharing something about the beauty product that you can't live without.

Don't forget to follow this blog in case you're not a follower yet. Being a follower makes your comment a valid entry.

Not a Blogger? No Open ID but wants to join? Simply repost the url of this giveaway through your facebook account, then tag me or send me a facebook message, so I can validate your entry.

Deadline to enter is Friday, July 16. The winner will be chosen through and announced the next day here on this very same post.

The winner will be given only 72 hours or 3 days to respond or else I'll have to pick another winner.

Sorry, time is up girls! Congratulations LAV!

Sorry, time is up girls! Congratulations LAV!


  1. Welcome back sista..

    My gosh i love to have this kit, so fab and kinda tempting.. I think the beauty product that I can't live without is collagen facial wash.. or maybe my magic cream, paubos na kasi kaya magpapabili nako sa sis ko. I tried alot of different creams pero pinaka nagustuhan ko lang yung magic cream..

    Goodluck to me and to other participants.. Required din ba i-blog ito?

  2. Hi Ateh, thanks for the invitation. Sayang hindi ako nanalo sa una (hahaha). My chance pa naman d2 sa new giveaway, ganda. Love ko to...

    Beauty product I can't live without? I can't live without using lotion into my body, feel upset every time..hindi ba mapalagay kapag hindi nakakapaglotion after bath...parang kulang ang araw ko, feeling dry and uncomfortable talaga. Kaya kahit ilang days pa bago masimot laman ng lotion ko, eh kinucoolit ko na "husbandry" ko. Ok lang kahit hindi makakain basta my lotion. Hehehe

    Thanks again Ateh for the chance, happy birthday uli. Tapos na ba? Lol!

    Shinare ko na rin sa blog ko, mas madami mas masaya!

  3. The vanity bag alone made your contest worth joining! Ang pretty! :D Love it!
    Beauty product that I can't live without? Isa lang? Hirap naman. Haha. Pero I say it's VMV Armada w/ Spf60, it's lightening + suncreen in one.

  4. wow! cute kikay kit!! hehe nweis, i think the product i can't live without is face powder. I'm currently using avon but i'm planning to buy maybelline on my next purchase.. kasi kahit wlang make up, it makes my face kinda fresh padin haha :D

  5. Hi sis, soo Pinktabulous naman ng bag, i love it!

    Anyway Beauty product that i cant leave without is Lotion & olay cream...marami nakong cream na subok pero the best talaga ang olay total it talaga hihi:-)

  6. Wow, sis, sana tig-isa para lahat kami manalo... hahahah! Very pretty naman the vanity kit...

    Cge, fave beauty product can't live without? Sabon! heheh! - Safeguard... hehehe!

    Thanks sis for this chance again...I'll blog this at Some Things Are Free

  7. Wow! love ko din to sis.. I'm also joining your lovely give away. I am a now a follower of your blog too.

    Beauty Product I can't live without? I have a pale lips and an oily face so obviously I can't live without my pink lipstick and face powder.

    Good luck to me at lahat ng sumali! ;-)

  8. Weeeeeeeee!!!!
    I'm a new follower of your blog^^,

    The beauty products that I can't live w/o are:
    -Missha Concealer(I always carry it because I use it when I need some touch ups in my face).
    -AVON Dew Kiss Lipbalm(My one and only lip balm that I had that has spf to protect my lips in hot sunny day)
    -AVON Pressed Powder in Almond(A really good combination with my missha concealer)


  9. Hi, I would love to join!
    Beauty product I can't live without? Is my nichido powder plus foundation in Tender Honey. I've had this product since 2006 and it has never failed me yet. I have a normal to oily skin and my nose would always look shiny whenever and this product is perfect for me.

  10. Thanks for the chance to win this great bag! I can't live without my Maybelline foundation to cover up all my facial flaws.

  11. Gosh! These products are beautiful... I hope I will be lucky enough to have it.

    Anyways, I can't live without baby powder and lotion. I'm not a make-up everyday college girl. I prefer using baby powder and lip balm when out (but that's seldom. Mas madalas walang kahit ano) and a little touch of foundation, eye shadow and light lipstick when attending occasions. Until one time my friend of 12 years told me to get, for crying out loud, a press powder! Hahaha! That time I kept on touching and staring at her maybelling press powder. She told me to get rid of my johnson's baby powder and just give it to my little sister. :-))

  12. Enter me in this giveaway please!

    The beauty product I can't live without is my Rimmel Colourstay Listick in mauve. It keeps my lips soft and moist!

    emiliana.sison AT

  13. Hi girl! I just saw your blog...ang cute huh! Can I join? hehe!

    The beauty products I can't live without are:

    * lip balm ( maybelline,nivea cherry & angel star). It moisturizes and adds color to my I don't need to wear lipstick! It's cheaper too! hehe!
    * Maybelline face powder. ( It keeps my face smooth and always looking fresh)!
    * Nivea creams ( it moisturizes my hands & elbows...leaving a sweet smelling scent! I love the angel star scent! =)

  14. Hey!!
    I'm a new follower!!! :)
    Please enter me in your contest..:)
    I can't live without my Badger lip and Body Balm in Cinnamon( it prevents my lips from chapping and gives me a plumped-up pucker because of the cinnamon in its ingredients..) and my The Face Shop sunblock!! ( It gives me sun-protection w/o feeling sticky...)
    My email is:
    Much Love,
    enchi :3

  15. wow..cute pink bag..i love it..makikisali rin ako sis ha..i am ur new's my first visit here..

    One beauty product that I can't live without is Ponds pearl cream...with this cream, it's like i have face powder on..just apply it evenly on the face gives you a fairer and toner skin...

  16. Hi Mrs. Kolca..

    I would like to join.. count on me please,
    I wish I'm one of the lucky ones... :)

    The beauty products I can't live without are:

    -red lipstick (maybelline, secret, revlon), because when I don't wear it, I feel do not have self-esteem. Red lipstick would make me feel more confident. Red lipstick also will makes my lips looks flushed and flushed my lips.

    -Nivea moisturiser -
    because it can help my skin protect itself enough than an effective wrinkle can finish the job. It also can keep my skin functioning the best. Also keeping my skin soft and moist.

    my email:

  17. Awesome giveaway!!

    I cant live without mark That's Deep Purifying Gel Cleanser!

  18. Wow I like the kikay kit. I can't live without my labello lip balm in cherry. Kahit walang lipstick may hint of color pa rin ang lips shiny pa

  19. Can't live without my lip balm, moisturizer with SPF and toner!

    Thanks. Nice contest!

  20. Super cute giveaway !!

    Few beauty products i cant live without are my ponds flawless white facial foam, day cream and night cream. they are simply awesome.My Avon lip balm without which my lips wont even sleep hehe...Finally Nivea Moisturiser. You can always see all these in my travel bag too :)

    Now following pink magaline too :D

  21. Hi dearie! I just followed your new chic blog.

    And to answer your question: I can't live without my trusty Blistex Lip Balm. I'm so prone to dry lips because of Baguio's cool weather.

    Lots of love,

  22. Niiice giveaway!
    I cannot live without Body Shop lipbalms, Korres tinted moisturiser and mascara.
    I now follow you!

  23. I'm now a follower... Love your giveaway! Anything with pink makes me drool, hehe...

    The beauty product that I can't live without is lipstick, no particular brand but preferably those with SPFs & vitamins will do.

    Thanks for this opportunity to win!


  24. Hi! This is the first time I am joining your contest since I am just a new follower, I just hope I have what they call the "beginner's or first timer's luck"! :-) The prize are really cute!

    The beauty product that I can't really live without is my face powder- avon, maybelline, J&J,etc.- whatever the brand is, I just can't live without this! I don't like to have an oily face! :-)

  25. beauty product that you can't live without is Vaseline for sure i am using it daily specially before sleeping to moisturize my dry skin ,elbow ,knew ,hands ,lip and feet

    I am a follower shaimaa

  26. Pasali din ako sis! Love at first sight nga yun kit! =)

    Followed your blog!

    Well, i can't live without Olay Total Effects facial wash and cream. I love its mild scent, its mild effect on my skin as in no sting! It helps in softening my skin.

  27. Hi there! The vanity case is oh-so cute!! Definitely joining this giveaway!

    The one beauty product that I can't live without is my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector; a two-way concealer and highlighter which helps conceal dark circles, pigmentation and any redness, and also highlight and contour my features :D

    It is an awesome product!! ♥ ♥

  28. love that prints and pinks!!! what a cute kikay kit you're gonna share!!! thanks for the chance to have one (^_^)

    im a new follower (rhain) your 46th

    a beauty product i cant leave without is a lipbalm, i do always have chapped lips *sigh*

    my email address is:

    goodluck on your giveaway!!!
    hugs and kisses

  29. followed your blog sis!

    answer: Can't live without sunblock! :)

  30. I love the color of the kikay kit so I'm gonna join!

    I'm a follower already and the beauty product I can't live without is lipgloss of Agnes B and moisturizer of Cosmence.

    Good luck to your giveaway dear!^_^

  31. I'm joining na rin. I can't live without a baby powder. :)

  32. Now a follower of this blog. :)

    Nice vanity bag. I like the color. And Pond's! I always use their facial foam.

    If there's one beauty product I can't live without, it's my Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It's so nice on the skin and it really moisturizes my dry hands. Sad to say the contents are running out and Neutrogena Philippines has decided to discontinue selling it here. Oh well, guess I have to contend using petroleum jelly while I have to fix my sked to go to the P/X stores...

  33. The beauty product that I can't live without are:

    These are hands-down the best tweezers you can get. If you’re trying to avoid the Sasquatch look, I suggest you buy yourself some right away.


    I love this mascara. It has a fabulous brush and it never clumps.


    This is a fantastic moisturizer for my very dry skin (especially in the winter) – totally non-greasy and lasts forever.

  34. My must have is Dr LeWinn's Puressence Day Fluid, a perfectly light moisturiser that keeps my skin supple and clear.

    Kate1485 at

  35. Beauty product I can't live without? Only one?

    I think it would be MOISTURIZER! I'm currently using Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin.

    I'm new by the way and I'm loving the PINK! :)

  36. hi, am a new follower. i can't live without my cleanser. well, that's what keeps my face clean :)

  37. im followers :D
    i cant live without my eyeliner XD
    im having giveaway too. :D
    thank you! :D

  38. I love that pink vanity kit! really cute :)

    I have 3 products I can't live without - lipbalm to moisturize my lips, a moisturizer for my face and a body lotion to keep my skin soft.

    blog follower
    cza[dot]roman at yahoo[dot]com

  39. Hey! Awesome giveaway! i´m a new follower (jaz.parks) and i cant live without my eyeliner and a Moisturizer :D hehe

    Luck! Thanks for the international:D

  40. My favorite beauty products are sunscreen and aloe. It doesn't matter how much I put on or how often, I always get red.


  41. Hello Lovely,
    Thanks for your comment in my blog, I'm so glad.
    So, i'm a follower of course, Diana.Silva
    And I can't live without my bronzer, every single day.


  42. Enter me please! I'm a new follower via google, as fisiwoman!
    I can't live without my YSL touche eclat. It's perfect for everyday!

    Ana Belén R.M
    fisiwoman at hotmail dot com

  43. Enter me please! I'm a follower via GFC as Victoria ^^

    I can't live without MAC Studio Fix Fluid. My skin looks like a baby! hahaha


  44. hi,new follower..
    beauty product i can't live without is my maybelline clear smooth powder..

  45. I´m nothing without my clinique fond teint :)

    but i would like so much winning this giveway

  46. Cant live without my revlon nail polish :)
    very refreshing my day, especially my nail :)

  47. hey thanks for letting me know about your blog :)

    please enter me

    I cant leave with my moisturiser! :)

  48. I can absolutely not live without my foundation! Blotchy skin, dry, freckles, it's nice to know I can hide it all behind a thin layer of powder!


  49. Daiane Negretti
    follower: Daya, muito prazer

    I can't live without a eyeliner!!!

  50. I follow (follower name is Damla). I can't live without my black eyeliner, NEVER :D

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog:)

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  51. hey there! i am a follower :) love the cute banity kit! very very cute!

    i actually have a few items of the same kind that i cant live without. i love my Maybelline eye pencils which come in the brightest of colours. they add immediate pop to my eyes!

    email: sk8ergurl(dot)s92(at)gmail(dot)com

    thanks for hosting!

  52. Hi! I am your new follower!

    I can't love without my Loose Mineral Foundation by Lumiere Minearl Cosmetics


  53. Hello Mrs. Kolca! I`m now following your pretty blog :)
    I found this giveaway when I`m crossing on International Giveaway site. Hope I do win!

    XOXO, ladyvogue_cannaria(at)

  54. Enter me please!

    I'm a follower (Carmen Cánovas)

    The beauty product I can't live without is ELF mineral infused face primer, it helps my foundation last longer.

  55. I follow through google friend.The beauty product that I can't live without is my scented body lotions.I don't have a true favorite but I love The Body Shop,Lush and Bath & Body Works. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  56. i would love to enter , my email i am following via google friend connect and my must have beauty product is Rimmel Lipstick in alaram. so pretty :)

  57. Hi! I would like to enter :)
    I'm a follower and my email is palabrasetereas(at)hotmail(.)com

    The beauty product that I can't live without is concealer for dark circles. I always have dark circles around my eyes, even if I get enough sleep -.-


  58. I want to enter! The vanity kit is stunning.. I LOVE zebra print and pink!!

    The beauty product I can't live without.. Well, I have to say mascara. (my favourite is Max Factor False Lash Effect, though at the moment I'm not using it but some other..) Even though I love wearing colourful eyeshadows, without mascara I couldn't go anywhere.

  59. Wow i love the vanity kit. so girly :)

    I followed.

    I cant live without pressed powder cause i have a very oily skin, i need powder to look normal. lol.


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