Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Quick and Easy Bento

This week is my elder daughter's exam week. She has her mastery test scheduled from Wednesday to Friday. As a mom who wants her daughter to be motivated and bright, I try my best to prepare a delicious lunch and prepare a filling afternoon snack for school. The bento boxes I created since Monday have more choices from fruits to cupcakes and wafers. Most of them are simple and very easy to prepare just like this one.

Steamed rice and sausage, pretty much the same with the last bento box I shared HERE.

To balance the meal, I added tomato slices and banana on the side.

Simple as it is. My gradeschooler was able to finish this meal except for the lettuce which only served as a garnish. Btw, I bought a new set of food picks to be added in my bento tool collection. They are so cute with flowers and bows. Watch out for my new bento entry 'cause I'll be featuring them.

Do you like bento making, too? How do you prepare your kids school baon? Do share.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baguio in November

It was a planned trip. We went up north a couple of weekends ago to unwind and feel the cool breeze of Baguio. Our family left home at around 6 in the morning. The drive was pleasant except for the traffic in Urdaneta. Anyhow, we reached the foot of the Lion's Statue at 11 o'clock. Thanks to the easy trip through NLEX, SCTEX and the new TPLEX. Total drive was 5 hours plus some pits stops like breakfast in Bulacan and answering the call of nature in Urdaneta. I've been to Baguio four times before. I was there in October of 2000, went back in February 2008 for Panagbenga, once again in July 2011 and then followed by a seminar at Teacher's Camp in September 2012. Now for the 5th time and in the month of November, here's a photologue of our visit to the summer capital of the Philippines.

Here's the four of us saying hi to the lion statue carved from a big stone. From this landmark to the main city is another 20 minutes drive. You know Baguio and its narrow roads.

This is where we stayed for two nights, the Microtel by Wyndham. In case you guys are interested, I'll publish a separate entry about it later on, so check back for my review.

Love this flower with different colors from a stall near Burnham Park. I'm not sure how they call this flower. If you happen to know, please do share in my comment box below.

This one, too. The fresh and beautiful flowers of Baguio are a sure hit to tourists. They are the reason why Baguio City holds a flower festival every year.

Us again, looking for strawberry taho in Burnham Park.

Here, hubby and I sat on a bench while the kids and my cousins ride a boat. Other than that, we also hired bicycles to kill time and ate street food.

We were at The Mansion the next day. Generally, the weather was okay during midday, but chilly in the morning as well as evening. In November, temperature changes from 14° to 25° from day to night.

At the Botanical Garden's entrance, we paid P10 to each of these grandmas for a photo op. They're so funny esp. the one who dictates what kind of pose to do in front of the camera. Haha.

Inside the garden, we paid P20 for every costume we rented. My baby daughter liked the flower baskets and headpiece a lot.

Flowers in there are very pretty.

Caught a tiny bee pollinating this super pink beauty. If I could only pick some flowers to take home.

We passed by Bell Church on our way to La Trinidad on our last day in Baguio. It's a place of worship so entrance is fee.

We got lost finding the strawberry farm. Haha. Blame that to hubby who sometimes fails to follow the navigator. Sad news.. there's no strawberry picking in November. Most fruits are still tiny and green.

We had (the most unforgettable strawberry) ice cream instead and headed to the nearby market to buy strawberries and fresh vegetables.

After this trip, I realized that Baguio isn't worth the long ride it anymore. It has bigger population, lots and lots of houses and establishment cover its terrain so there's too much traffic even on a Sunday. Alright, the weather is nice and they have the freshest veggies, something that people from Manila and other nearby provinces love, but I can see danger in those narrow and winding roads, plus houses that look like piled one after the other. I guess it will take a long while before we think of going back to this place again.

Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament

What does it feel like living in a country where Christmas is celebrated as early as September? I think you can guess it right. It feels totally awesome! Chances are, you get to hear Jingle Bells while shopping for Halloween costumes or see a full display of colorful lanterns on the streets even before Halloween. For me, it gives excitement and a cheerful disposition towards others. Anyway, like I said, Christmas is earlier here than any other part of the world, so we already erected our tree and slowly hang ornaments. This years Christmas tree theme is winter wonderland. You guys must have seen my DIY Christmas balls in our bare tree. Today, I am sharing an easy tutorial of the additional decor we hung to our 6 feet faux evergreen-- glue snowflakes.

They can be frosty.

They can be clear.

So easy to make.

You will need:
glue sticks
glue gun
big ceramic plate
small knife
decorating materials like sequins and beads (optional)

Here's how:
1. Create a design at the back of the plate. Allow it to dry before scraping off.
2. Apply more more glue by tracing the back, creating a snowflake which is strong enough to stand.
3. Add sequins or bead to decorate. I used sand for my frosty snowflakes.
4. Tie the snowflake with a string before hanging in the tree.

Trust me. This is a very cheap project with a beautiful outcome. Wait until my next Christmas entry to see what I'm talking about! :)