Monday, February 08, 2016

Backblogging: The Holidays That Was

I was preparing to bed last night when a series of fireworks was heard and lit the night sky. As for our initial reaction, my younger daughter and I rushed to the nearest window to watch the fireworks display, followed by my elder daughter running from across the room. I can't believe it's already Chinese New Year. How are the days passing by so fast and I haven't posted anything personal yet since Christmas? Alright then folks, it's time for a recap of the holidays.

My baby is now a toddler. She talks in sentences and starting to be picky.

Our annual photo op was a bit of a mishap. The little one refused to calm down. Oh my!

Some of my college friends came over for our year-end dinner. Good news is.. both the couple and the guy sitting next to me are getting married. So happy for them. :)

Met my BFFs, too, for a dinner at a restaurant in SM Megamall. These are the girls I have been friends since kindergarten until now. We had so much laughter and fun.

My elder daughter played Mama Mary during our ward Christmas party in church. Everyone said she was so fitting the role and portrayed her character well. Good job, darling. :))

The party was a total blast. Both the young and the old enjoyed the program, there was a lot of food served, and then we exchanged gifts after.

The elder daughter's Christmas school program, a talent show to be exact, was moved in January.

I am glad that her school is able utilize her talent. I think seeing her Baba and I in the audience helped a lot. She was singing and dancing gracefully all throughout the performance.

I have more photos to share as well as stories to tell but feeling sleepy now. I will see if I can write another backblog entry this week. That's all for now. Have a very happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

PS. Please leave me a comment on anything you want me to write about. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Playing At A Pet Resort

If you're planning a trip but don't know what you're going to do with your furry friend, consider letting him go to a pet resort to experience some fun as well. There are several amenities that are offered to pets while they stay at a resort as it's similar to a hotel. One of the best things about most resorts is that there is a video system so that you can access the location from your computer. This gives you a way to watch your pet while you are away so that you can make sure he is being cared for in the proper manner.

Luxury accommodations are available so that your pet is as comfortable as possible while having all of the adventures that he would get at home. Meals are included and are served twice a day. There is often a schedule so that there is a balance of playing, eating and resting. This gives pets a way to enjoy the day without thinking as much about their owner being gone. You can provide your own meals or allow the resort to provide premium meals with it's own food. Snacks are also served during the day, usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon. A Paw Print pet resort, as well as other facilities, have wet and dry food selections.

Pets will never get bored while they are at a resort. If there aren't a lot of animals there, then the staff will try to work with pets on simple tricks and commands. Play time is offered outside as long as it's not raining. If it's raining outside, then pets have an area where they can play indoors so that they still get exercise. Some resorts have a television in each area that is turned to an animal show so that animals can have something to listen to while they are resting.

Group play is held twice a day. Pets are kept with animals that are of a similar size so that they don't feel overwhelmed by larger animals. Spa services are also offered by many resorts. These services include bathing, styling the hair and cutting the nails. Extra charges may apply.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Can't Wait for Christmas Day

Still a few days more before the Christmas Day but the girls can no longer wait. They opened a few items under the tree and was able to take photos of their excited faces while opening their present. It is truly priceless seeing my kids this way. I am happy for them celebrating the Yuletide Season with lots of gifts coming from friends and loved ones. What a lovely sight.

My elder daughter smiles from ear to ear.

Look, a Mickey Mouse shoulder bag! :)

My baby daughter got an elephant toy.

When I was a kid, Christmas was simpler. Me and my brothers were not showered with many gifts. However, there was always a fest in my grandparents house where we grew up. My aunt would prepare my favorite buco salad and gelatine and cook a lot of delicious food like ginataang bilo-bilo, pork caldareta, pansit, etc.

This year, we are celebrating the holidays in my province again. Like any other Filipino families, Christmas season is the time of the year when most of my extended family members gather for a small reunion. My aunts, uncles and cousins will visit us and we visit them back also. On Christmas day, the kids will knock each door in the neighborhood for some coins and sweets. It's gonna be fun!