Monday, January 16, 2017

Back to the Gym

Hello 2017! First blog entry of the year, here we go. I started posting about my fitness journey in Instagram late last year as I went back to working out mid November, now I want to blog about it so I can track my progress better. Looking at my old photos and reading an old entry on fitness made me realize that I have been sporting a flabby tummy for a long time. Aahh.. I want to scold my old myself 'cause I also discovered that I was pretty much okay with it. I gave up after losing just an inch or two off my waist. Can you believe how lazy of me to do that? I boasted my workout routine even I didn't achieve a very good result doing it. Haha. Anyway, I just reviewed my exercises and found out that I am still doing the same thing plus more intense training like circuit, core, HIIT, etc.

This is me in December. I started losing weight after some diet changes in June, slowly dropped my weight from 52 kilos to 47 until November.

This photo was taken like a day before Christmas. I dragged myself to the gym early in the morning while my kids were still sleeping.

This is me and a couple of gym buddies. It is fun to meet new people and be friends with them. We get to workout together and share fitness goals.

This photo is after a hip-hop class on a Saturday. I normally workout Monday to Fridays only. This one was an exception 'cause I wanted to try the hip-hop class.

This is our cardio zumba class with Zin Blade. I love this class 'cause I get to sweat a lot. I regularly attend zumba classes every Monday and Friday night.

I signed up for a year contract with my current gym. I am trying to maximize my membership by joining as much classes that I can. I love the classes because I earn friend through them and get to workout with ease and so much fun. On my next blog entry, I am gonna be sharing ,my fitness goals for this year and some transformation photos.

PS. Sorry for the quality of photos. They are taken using my mobile phone camera.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Season's Greetings from Kolca Family

Hello, everyone! Hoping you all have the best of the holiday season. Have a very merry Christmas and advance happy New Year, too!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Quick Visit to Kuala Lumpur

I know I already have fallen in love with Tokyo and in my mind, there is a small chance for any other country in Asia to surpass that. But maybe I have to give others a chance by not judging them even before sitting my foot on them. So here you go, I booked a ticket to Malaysia and off we went to for Kuala Lumpur during my elder daughter's school break in October. We took the kids to the Batu Cave, KLCC Bird Park, Aquaria, Jalan Alor, Petronas Tower, and that's all.

Family photo with a peacock. Suna was scared of the bird.

This way to more peacocks and peahens.

It was so humid that day. We had to change outfits.

This was the cutest part of the KLCC Bird Park.

Looking for dinner at Jalan Alor.

At the Aquaria the next day.

Then walked to the biggest children's playground in Kuala Lumpur after.

The kids didn't want to leave. Haha.

Saying 'hi' to the twins.

On our 3rd day we didn't do anything much cos there was traffic everywhere due to the celebration of Hindu's Festival of Light or Diwali. We just spent most of our time at Berjaya Time Square, a mall nearby Park Royal Hotel, the hotel where we stayed in. The good thing about Berjaya Time Square is their indoor amusement park. Of course, it was nothing compared with Universal Studios in Singapore. Nevertheless, the kids had fun with the rides and were tired enough to sleep soundly on our flight back to Manila that night.

Honestly, traveling with family is the best though can be a little hard at the same time. We wanted to stay more or go around more yet there are factors to always consider first. Like what's stated in the title, it was just a quick visit. Anyway, we make memories and interesting discoveries while traveling whether it's a short or a long one. Hopefully, our next flight is to a continent that we've never been to, ever. Hint: we had our visa interview approved last Friday and now we're waiting for our passports to come in the mail.

PS. You can more photos from this trip in my Instagram. Follow me @mrskolca.