Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Prism Hotel Review

We didn't have a hotel reservation when we went to Angeles City to unwind more than a couple of weeks ago. After swimming and having fun at Fontana Water Park, we headed to the heart of city to look for a place to stay. Unfortunately, it started to rain so we kind of rushed in getting a room just so the kids are comfortable and safe from flood. We first checked Holiday Inn inside the Clark Freeport Zone. However, there was some sort of convention for a known motor corporation that weekend and turned out, most of the delegates booked their rooms. Thanks to Mister Google and his map, we finally made it to Prism Apartelle, a small hotel located just a few minutes away from Clark International Airport.

This is the facade of the hotel. It looks kind of boring but wait until you see inside.

Here is the view of the inside premise, all rooms facing this lovely pool and jacuzzi and a few tables and chairs around it.

We're all done swimming all day at Fontana, so we just admired this beauty and never dipped in.

We got the the executive queen suite, a fully-furnished room with a kitchenette, living area, a separate bathroom and a private door leading to the pool.

This queen-sized bed was perfect enough for hubby and I and the kids.

The only thing I noticed while at Prism Apartelle was the noise coming from the exhaust and the air-conditioner outside the window of our room. It was a bit annoying to listen to when we were still awake. Good thing we were so tired that day, we managed to doze off despite the sound.

If we were to visit Clark again for a short trip on a weekend, I will definitely tell hubby that we book this place once more. I love it that it is not crowded and their rooms are spacious. Plus, they have a pool and a jacuzzi for both kids and adult to enjoy. They serve a little pricey breakfast yet we managed to control the by mixing and matching the food choices, deconstructing and sharing. All in all, the service given to us was good, nothing major to complain about.

For more details about the services of this establishment, check their contact information below.

Prism Apartelle
#121 Clark Avenue
Angeles City, Philippines
Tel. (+63) 45-624-7248
Mobile +63-942-84-PRISM (+63-942-84-77476)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Day at Fontana Water Park

A couple of weekends before my baby daughter's birthday, we went out of town to Angeles City in Pampanga for some relaxing and sightseeing. There was a major traffic that day because of the centennial celebration of one religious sect, however we were able to avoid the crowd along NLEX as we managed to leave the house the earliest time possible. It was not really our original plan, though. The original plan was to drive all the way to Nasugbu, Batangas for a weekend at the beach in Pico Sands. Due to an unforeseen circumstance, we cancelled it and decided to go to Fontana Leisure Park in Clark, instead. So okay, a number of things remained the same, a few are, sad to say, already broken, but some things have improved as well, since the first time I came to this place almost 10 years ago.

I remember it correctly that they used to have their shower rooms and changing area at this spot. Now, they have added amenities like this Water Cottage, Kiddie Pool a few steps away, and then the Big Horn ahead of it.

These Giant Aqua Thrill Slides are an old favorite. Both hubby and I enjoyed sliding like teenagers here.

Our whole family tried this Lazy River. It was fun here, going with the flow with the kids in tow.

And, of course, everyone was thrilled by the Wave Pool which goes into action every 30 minutes. Surprisingly, my elder daughter who is afraid of (sea) waves didn't mind this at all. Towards the midday, it became very crowded as a group of Korean visitors and more local tourists came.

So, after dipping and playing and swimming in the Water Park, off we went to check the Hot Springs, too. The one in the photo is the Lagoon Pool. Do a little walk to the right and you'll see the Cold and Hot Springs area.

A man-made paradise scene. Perfect to take photos here or make it a selfie backdrop.

Suna's facial expression here pretty much explains how happy we were being away from the busy city in a short while. We love this place and we'll definitely go back. Next thing to blog about is the beautiful boutique hotel. Till then! :)

For more details about the services of this establishment, check their contact information below.

Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks
CM Recto Highway, Clark Freeport Zone
2023 Pampanga, Philippines
Tel # 63 (45) 599-5000

Friday, August 15, 2014

Project Filipiniana Costume

It's the month of August again, the month wherein Filipinos celebrate Buwan ng Wika, the same month that kids go to school wearing a traditional costume or Filipiniana every Friday. At any rate, I have been looking for a cheap Igorot costume for my elder daughter though I have to admit that my first love is really the colorful culture of T'boli, ethnic people of South Cotabato. Their native fabric called T'nalak seems harder to find, so I was supposed to settle with something Ifugao-inspired as alternative. With that in mind, I went to my favorite fabric store to see if they have anything close to the ones worn by the Cordillerans yet found nothing. Sadly, I had to pick the quick and easy to DIY costume again, the baro't saya.

This is pretty much the same with what she wore in Junior Casa 1 here.

The only difference is the bakya and the addition of a panyolita used as a headband.

Sew, sew, and sew. I bought the white kimona (top) in Guadalupe, then the floral fabric at Megamall.

Cost of this project:
-white top, P150
-floral fabric, P140
-bakya, P160
-ethnic necklace, free gift from my uncle

Total: P450

I am happy with the outcome of this project, considering the fact that I only paid P450 all in all. If you are to check SM's Kultura, they sell a wrap around floral skirt with a very bad quality for P400. I was feeling desperate and nearly bought it, but glad I changed my mind. I promise that I will get that T'boli costume for my daughter next time. I will ready it even before the next school year starts. Promise!

PS. Sorry for the ironic entry, blogging in English while in fact it's the language month of my home country. I hope you guys understand that most of my readers are from the United States, though. Hihi.
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